Cherry Zkittlez

THC 19-23%


Cherry Zkittlez is an indica-dominant cross of Cherry Pie and Zkittlez by Paradiso. The top reported aromas of Cherry Zkittlez are fruity, pine, and vanilla. And it is said to taste like strawberry and apple with and slightly spicy undertone.


Is Cherry Zkittlez an indica or sativa?

Cherry Zkittlez is an indica-leaning hybrid.

How strong is Cherry Zkittlez?

Cherry Zkittlez is mid-range. It can test between 19 - 23% THC.

Who bred Cherry Zkittlez?

Paradiso bred cherry Zkittlez.

Top reported effects

Top reported flavors

Grow information

Cherry Zkittlez is an indica-dominant cross between Zkittlez and Chery Pie. Cherry Zkittlez has an average flowering time between 52 and 56 days indoors and outdoors. It is known to produce medium-sized yields in ideal conditions and harvests in October. Cherry Zkittlez grows well indoors. 

Chery Zkittlez is available as seeds.

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