Burmese Kush



Origin 1

Burmese Kush by Kera Seeds

The Burmese Kush created by breeder Kera Seeds is a hard-hitting cross of Trainwreck and White Widow. The breeder claims that its Burmese Kush has a thick, pepper-flavored smoke flavor and THC levels that average about 20% THC.

According to the breeder, Burmese Kush is heavily sativa-leaning, but tends to grow to a medium height and without the hard-to-tame sativa vigor. This strain is suitable for indoor or outdoor growing conditions, but tends to thrive outdoors. Burmese Kush has a flowering period of about nine weeks and, if grown outdoors in the Northern Hemisphere, should be harvested in October. If grown outdoors in the Southern Hemisphere, growers should plan to harvest this strain in April. Although it’s moderately difficult to grow, cultivators can expect high yields when extra attention and care is given to the plant.

Origin 2

Burmese Kush by TH Seeds

The Dutch breeder TH Seeds also created its own Burmese Kush strain, crossing Burmese and OG Kush. Said to carry a signature O.G. Kush flavor and potency, this version of Burmese Kush has a flavor of citrus and pine tree.

Growing medium in height, this strain produces moderate yields of In a 9-week flowering cycle, this strain produces frosty colas with vibrant orange stigmas and beautiful purple-hued leaves. Suitable for indoor or outdoor growing conditions, the breeder claims that its Burmese Kush has a low leaf-to-flower ratio, making it a more productive plant than its short stature and quick flowering time may let on.

Top reported effects

  • Happy
  • Hungry

Top reported flavors

  • Flowery
  • Sweet
  • Tree Fruit


Kera Seeds, TH Seeds

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