Blue Dynamite

THC 19%
CBD 3.5%


Blue Dynamite was created in 2007 by the team at Canada-based Next Generation Seed Company. This indica strain descends from the breeders' proprietary Avalon and Dynamite cultivars.

Consumers report that Blue Dynamite smells of blueberries mixed with wet soil and grapefruit. Its flavors include earth and sweet citrus with a mild pepper kick.

Blue Dynamite won a place on High Times' Top Ten Strains of the Year in 2007 as well as a spot in the publication's Top Ten Canadian Strains of All Time list.

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Blue Dynamite is an indica-leaning plant that thrives in both indoor and outdoor gardens. The branchy cultivar may require regular pruning to reach its typical high yields with substantial amounts of resin. Indoors, Blue Dynamite reaches maturity in approximately 50 days, while outdoor gardens are ready for harvest in early October.

Interested parties can commercially obtain Blue Dynamite seeds.

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