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The one weed product comedian Jeff Horste can't live without

Weedmaps News April 5, 2022   6:22 pm PDT | Updated 1 year ago

Hailing from Detroit, Jeff Horste has made a name for himself on the comedy stage. He's performed at countless venues — including dispensaries — and has appeared on Comedy Central in Kevin Hart's Hart in the City along with Hart's half-hour special The Next Level in Los Angeles. And, of course, he's cracking jokes on Weedmaps' Tumbleweeds with Killer Mike.

His first experience with cannabis was when he was 23 years old. “It did not work for me,” he told us, “I literally had no effects from it. I think I did a Bill Clinton and forgot to inhale. A couple of years later, my girlfriend told me that it was pretty common for people to not feel it the first few times they smoke. It was kind of disappointing to find out that I didn't have special powers, but ultimately I have thoroughly enjoyed weed and its benefits.”

Though his first time wasn't the best time, cannabis has grown on the comedian over the years. “I know many successful people in various respected professions who use weed as a stress and anxiety management tool. With it being far less harmful to you than alcohol, I have always been shocked at its negative portrayal in the media. Like many things in life, much of the negative imagery comes from those who have never tried it themselves.”

His funniest moment while consuming weed? Going out on Halloween nights and watching the hilarious costumed dogs on parade. “My girlfriend and I love Halloween,” he said. “One of the main reasons is the various dog Halloween costume contests. We get high, take an Uber, and enjoy the show. The only thing odd about our attendance is that we are the only ones without a dog. We get free coupons for pet products and free dog treats assuming we have dogs, and we usually decide it's best to not correct them.”

Horste is currently working with his girlfriend, Esther Nevarez, on two podcasts, “That's My Shit” and “We're Freaking Out.” You can also see him perform live all over the US.

The one weed product Jeff Horste can't live without? Kanha gummies.

Kanha Gummies

“I enjoy weed gummies, and my favorite is the Kanha brand. As a vegan myself, I appreciate that they have vegan, fast-acting options. My girlfriend reminds me how lucky I am to start my weed use at a time when stems and seeds were no longer a concern. I feel like I started weed during the golden era of technological weed advancements.” 

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