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With so many great cannabis brands releasing exciting new products in new markets, it can be hard to keep track of every release or event. So we're rounding up a few significant happenings in the industry. This week, we look at releases by Posibl, a Jeeter X Highsman collaboration, a dispensary opening from Embarc, and more. 

Levia: New seasonal seltzer

To celebrate the coming spring, Levia, a cannabis seltzer and tincture company, just launched its new flavor of infused seltzer: Orange Blossom. Available for a limited time, each can contains 5 milligrams of THC, and is also designed by local Massachusetts-based artist, Keever

Available: Massachusetts

PAX: Launch of live rosin pods

Made for its Pax Era device, Pax has just released new live rosin pods available in 0.5 - 1  grams. Find it in a plethora of strains including Jack Herer, Wifi Mints, Lavender Haze, and more. 

Available: California

Find PAX

Posibl: Launch of new cannabis brand Humo

California-based Posibl has recently launched the new brand Humo meant to focus on ending the stigma around cannabis consumption in the Latino community due to decades of racism and the war on drugs. Humo cannabis is grown by Posibl in Monterey, California, and is a Mexican-American-owned company. 

Available: California

Embarc: Dispensary opening in Fairfield, CA

Newly opened on February 8, Embarc dispensary is now fully operational in Fairfield, California. 

Address: 180 Serrano Drive in Fairfield, CA 94533

Available: California

Check out Embarc — Fairfield

Beboe: New edible pastilles

Beboe dropped its Sweet Dream Pastilles in black cherry rose flavor to its line of sweet edibles. Each pastille is gluten and dairy-free and contains 5 milligrams THC to 1 milligram CBN.

Available: Illinois and Nevada

Autumn Brands: release of “smalls”

Autumn Brands released its line of popcorn buds — smalls — in Sundae Strudel (indica-leaning), GMOG (balanced hybrid), and Mother's Milk (sativa) strains. Each of the smalls is now available in half-ounce (14 grams) jars. 

Available: California

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Jeeter X Highsman: Drop of Big Game LVI box

In celebration of the big game this Sunday, Highsman, the cannabis company owned by Ricky Williams, has teamed up with Jeeter to release its limited edition Big Game LVI box

In homage to Williams' NFL locker, the packaging was created using real football leather and features resin-infused Jeeter XL and Baby Jeeter pre-rolls, as well as Jeeter Juice live resin of the brand's new indica strain Sticky Ricky. The box also contains Ricky's number “34” jersey, a Highsman-branded helmet, and a rolling tray featuring a caricature of the footballer. 

Available: California

HVGC: New pre-rolls

Veteran-owned and operated Helmand Valley Growers Company (HVGC) recently launched six new pre-roll strains: Melon, Sunny Melon, Orange Sunset, Sunset Blvd., Cotton Candy Skies, and Pink Picasso. 

HVGC donates 100% of its products from its pre-rolls to the Battle Brothers Foundation.  

Available: California