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Stiiizy's new retail store in the downtown Los Angeles Arts District feels as much like an open spaced art gallery as much as a modern weed store. But wander deeper within the new 6,500-square foot flagship store and you might be surprised to find an interactive art installation merged with a larger-than-life cannabis store. 

The massive retail store is set to open at noon on Saturday, Aug. 24, 2019. 

At the moment, massive murals by local Los Angeles-based artists RISK and Mr. Cartoon decorate the lobby's walls, but these will eventually be rotated out to give other locals a spot to shine. Hidden between the artwork and check-in desk are a couple of hidden “Instagrammable moment” pods, which are decorative environments designed for capturing selfies. 

Stiiizy chose an art gallery feel for its first brick-and-mortar store, set to open Aug. 24, 2019, in downtown Los Angeles.(Photo courtesy of Stiiizy)

The art installations and lobby lead to a massive retail space with an expansive ceiling and four display cases stocked with Stiiizy products and weed from over 40 other popular brands. Shoppers can purchase Stiiizy-branded vape products, but also a new line of cannabis flower called Liiit, and edibles called Biiit.   

At the far end of the warmly lit shop, there are two 20-foot Stiiizy vape pens mounted to the walls, while a 30-foot installation by the famous Los Angeles-based street artist Retna hangs opposite above the tunnel entrance. A small nook to the right of the retail area houses the merch corner, where customers can find limited-edition Stiiizy clothing, cannabis paraphernalia, accessories, and can even get Stiiizy vape pens engraved with different designs or their initials.

Stiiizy plans to sell its vape pens and pods, along with a new line of Flower called Liiit and edibles called Biiit. (Photo courtesy of Stiiizy)

James Kim, the co-creator of Stiiizy and co-founder and managing director of Shryne Group Inc., Stiiizy's parent company, sees the new flagship as more than a grandiose retail cannabis shop in downtown Los Angeles — it's a manifestation of his brand's identity. 

“You can see the brand physically here, instead of digitally or through advertisements,” he said while giving Weedmaps News a sneak preview of the Stiiizy flagship store. “You can actually feel the energy, feel the vibes. When they walk in, we want them to get that energy, so when they leave here, they'll know exactly what Stiiizy is about.” 

Art and Weed Merge to Create an Experiential Store 

There are other cannabis brands, such as Cookies and The Jungle Boys, which have successfully managed to build brick-and-mortar stores, and unify high-quality cannabis and fashion. What makes the Stiiizy store unique is the addition of artwork and engaging installations, transforming the conventional cannabis shopping spree into an immersive experience.

“I think people are going to see something they've never expected in any cannabis store, especially in California. We're definitely providing a full-blown discovery experience, tying a lot of culture and lifestyle to it.”

Stiiizy has mirrored counters, which brand representatives say is filled with the same products to allow for customers to browse the selection simultaneously and speeding up the checkout process for experienced shoppers. (Photo courtesy of Stiiizy)

According to Kim, the inclusion of local artwork in the shop is a way to “pay homage” to the Arts District and the local Los Angeles art community as a whole. By constantly cycling out the art and Instagrammable backdrops, he hopes to give its customer base a reason to return to the Stiiizy flagship store.   

“Art and cannabis really go hand in hand, and we want to display art that is creative and represents cannabis,” Kim said. “With the Instagrammable moments pods, we want to have a local artist come in and switch them out every six months to keep it fresh.”

Stiiizy will carry its line of signature vape pens and pods, along with a new flower and edibles line, at its new downtown Los Angeles retail store. (Photo courtesy of Stiiizy)

While the tight space and limited displays in many other California-based dispensaries could make newbies feel rushed while browsing the wide selection of products. But the Stiiizy flagship store has four mirrored counters that are all stacked with the same products. This was designed to allow visitors to simultaneously browse the same product selection without feeling rushed, while also speeding up the checkout process for experienced shoppers who know exactly what they want. 

To stretch the brand's expansion even further, Stiiizy is also rolling out a new line of flower, called Liiit, which will only be available at the brick-and-mortar Arts District location. The company is also releasing its new Biiit edible line – several flavors of fruity gummy squares containing 100 milligrams of THC per package.  

What to Expect at the Grand Opening

Those who attend the grand opening of the Stiiizy Flagship store on Aug. 24 can expect a buffet of special deals and goodies. The first 500 people to enter the shop, which will open at noon and close at 7PM, will receive a swag bag, while those who come even earlier will be treated to even more goodies, such as Stiiizy-branded bongs and dab rigs. 

Stiiizy wants its first retail store to function as an art space as well, and it plans to rotate its artworks and Instagrammable displays periodically. (Photo courtesy of Stiiizy)

Featured image: Stiiizy is celebrating the grand opening of its first retail store Aug. 24, 2019, in the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles. (Photo courtesy of Stiiizy)

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