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Couch Locked: A Guide to Staying In and Finding Your Chill

April 19, 2019   12:10 pm PDT | Updated 2 years ago

Have you been cooped up working from home, yet not feeling the “go out and party” vibe at the end of the day? Weed people are uniquely social creatures who don't party quite the same, so consider throwing your own cannabis-centric night in. 

Gather your friends (or just yourself), light up some joints, and have an elevated get-together — without all the fuss of ordering Ubers and scheduling meets. 

And for those times when you want to smoke up on your own terms, we've made up a master guide for making the most of it with half the effort.

Secure Your Supply

First things first, you need weed to get this homebody party poppin' by supplying your stash with a healthy amount of weed. 

Score a Deal

Yourdank shouldn't break the bank. Whether looking for flower, concentrates, cartridges, edibles or topicals, find an awesome deal on Weedmaps.

Plan Ahead and Order

Secure your weed by ordering ahead online and scheduling a pickup or delivery. Think of all the extra time you'll save and dedicate it to preparing the best eats for the night ahead.

Group Homebody Party Games for the Lit and Hazy

You've got your goods all lined up, now it's time to kick it into high-gear while applying the least amount of effort possible. Here's our list of low-effort activities and games to enjoy while high.

Joint and Blunt Rolling Challenge 

Man vs machine, homie vs homie, the showdown for who can roll up the quickest joint can manifest in many forms. And who can roll the best Backwoods blunt in the least amount of time? This can even be a solo competition as a race against the clock, to see if you can achieve a new personal best record. 

Smoking Hot Beauty Contest

Find out who can roll the prettiest blunt or joint. Adorn it with twaxing, roll it in kief or do something cool with the rolling paper. Then enter your contestant in a homespun beauty contest where you and your friends are the judges. Vote for your favorite and the winner gets to start the sesh. 

'Two Truths and A Lie'

“Two Truths And A Lie” is a beloved drinking game that can easily sub in tokes for chugs. The rules are simple: Make three statements about yourself, two of which are true and one that is made up. Each player makes a guess and those that guessed wrong take a hit. If everyone playing guesses correctly, the person who made the three statements takes a rip instead.

DIY Fruit and Vegetable Pipes

Who can make the most functional pipe or bong using assorted fruits and vegetables? Test your friends' creativity and skill by supplying a variety of eats for the best smoking experience. Bonus: Once it's all said and smoked, you can eat whatever's left.


Choose your marble. They race, they swim, they battle it out in the ring marblelympics tests the boundaries of spherical glass accomplishments. The videos are also downright mesmerizing, especially while faded. Sometimes, the marbles get ratchet and start fighting in the stands. But no matter what, you and your stoney crew will love placing bets on who will be the last marble standing. 

'Cards Against Humanity'

If you want to exercise your potty mouth and dark comedy, break out the iconic black box of “Cards Against Humanity.” The publishers even made a Weed Pack, so you can sprinkle relatable prompts into the deck. 

Make Edibles

There's more than one way to put active cannabinoids in food, you can get as complicated or straightforward as you want.

Cooking Project

Once weed is infused in one of your staple ingredients, anything you make can become an edible. If you use a dry-herb vaporizer, the leftover cannabinoids in pre-vaped weed can be infused into oil or butter. Otherwise, you can also follow these recipes for infused coconut oil or butter. If you have kief you can infuse basic ingredients such as seasoning, coconut milk, flour, honey or broth.

Quick and Easy

If you like to save your stems, you have the makings for a quite potent cannabis tea. Complement your cozy vibe with any tea you like mixed with weed stems (and some extra shake if you want to get extra stoned), and a binding agent of your choice.

Cannabis and Craft Time

Craft cannabis or cannabis and crafts? We say both. 

Coloring Books

Thanks to the modern Renaissance of self-exploration and care, adult coloring books are booming. From therapeutic irreverence to cannabis-specific, there's a vast supply of outlined art to scribble in.

Practice Smoke Tricks

What better time to work out your dragon lungs than now? Master the classic O or go above and beyond with some of the tricks Trippy Treez demonstrates in her smoke tricks how-to video.

Take a Weed Bath

C'mon, you know you want to. If you have the luxury of a bathtub you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't semi-regularly get stoned in it. Soak in weed, wash with weed, or toke it up while bathing there are so many ways to absorb cannabinoids in the tub. 

Bath Bombs That Are Fire

Weed-infused bath bombs are all the rage. You can find them in a variety of doses, blends of essential oils and cannabinoids (usually THC, CBD, or both). Kush Queen offers myriad bath bombs formulated for a specific desired effect. If you're feeling crafty, consider making your own cannabis bath bomb as seen in our DIY Weed Spa article. 

Kush Queen Bath Bomb

Available: California

Price: $10 - $15 — Find more Kush Queen products on Weedmaps

Post-Bath Care

Then top it off with an infused moisturizer to leave your skin supple and soaked in cannabis. Papa and Barkley Body Oil is perfect for a post-bath massage or to simply lather in weed luxury. Or sink into your sweet side with Honey Pot's infused body lotion; each 8 ounce bottle packs 1,000 milligrams of THC.

Papa & Barkley 

Available: California

Price: $48 — Find more Papa & Barkley products on Weedmaps


Available: Nationwide

Price: $60 — Find more Apothecanna products on Weedmaps

Baked and Binge

Set up the ultimate streaming situation with snacks, weed and video entertainment on deck. 

Shows and Movies

A little Weedmaps guide inception for you: If you're looking for something hilarious to watch or listen to for stony laughs we've got the list to meet your fancy. 

Compilations and Playlists

lofi hip hop radio - chill/study beats” is a fantastic go-to for smooth background tunes. You'll find 24 hours of live-curated tracks and an adorable raccoon studying in bed to set the perfect vibe for a chill night.

S U N D A Y  S C H O O L” is a Simpsonwave mix well worth jamming to while baked. Born from a pastel-soaked “Miami Vice”-looking video game meets Windows 98 aesthetic, Vaporwave quickly caught the attention of internet seekers looking for moody music and nostalgic images. Dive full force into the rabbit hole with this one. Lucien Hughes' YouTube channel is home to a bunch of Simpsonwave bangers.

Watch animals being funny, silly, and sometimes a little stupid on “Funniest Dogs and Cats


Because sometimes scrolling and toking go hand in hand. If — or when — you find yourself staring into the abyss of your phone-screen, stop by these SubReddits. Trip out on amazing human feats, optical illusions, art, and all things psychedelic on r/whoahdude or veg out with r/aestheticrain. For content that's a little more mind-bending, follow your hardcore hippy heart to r/trippy. And lastly, we recommend visiting r/see. Go for the memes, stay for the weed references.

Feature image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps