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Since news broke of the death of Nevil Schoenmakers on March 30, 2019, at the age of 62, cultivators, breeders, and other figures in the cannabis industry have posted tributes to the legendary breeder and founder of the first seed banks in the Netherlands.

“When I moved to Amsterdam in the early '90s, I was fortunate to meet him and spend some time smoking with him and playing chess,” wrote Todd McCormick, a cannabis activist and author, in an Instagram post. “His contribution to the cannabis community is undeniable, the varieties that passed through his hands have become legendary.”

“His legacy and legend of who he was will live FOREVER,” commented Kyle Kushman, cannabis cultivator and former reporter for High Times, on McCormick's post.

They join others throughout the cannabis industry who have taken to social media to share memories and pay tribute to Schoenmakers.

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In the late 80s I got my first issue of High Times Magazine. My buddy Travis Young had torn the cover off of an issue so we could read it in high school. In journalism class I wedged that High Times between my books and began to learn more about cannabis. The centerfold of that issue featured Neville Schoenmakers, the creator of Nevil’s Haze. From what I can remember the photo was of a living room with the picturesque Dutch scene through the window. There was a couch and an oval wooden coffee table covered in hash, chunks of weed, and piles of seeds. I was hooked. The casual nature all of it came across in that one photo. I wanted to be cool enough where I could display ganja on a coffee table, with half smoked piles of hash and the next generation of cannabis seeds. I knew at that moment that this was gonna be part of my future. I was never able to meet Nevil to express how grateful I was for introducing me to “the scene “so to speak. By the time I reached Europe he had fled to Australia to avoid US and Dutch authorities. Nevil left behind him a trail of genetics and Outlaw stories that still survive today. Neville passed away this weekend at his home in Australia. His legend will live on. As ganja growers the world over, search for Nevil’s Haze today. . . . . #nevilschoenmakers #nevilshaze #haze #dutchseeds #cultivate #thc #cbd #cannabis #medicalmarijuana #pot #homegrown #mmj #hemp #homegrow #rip #seedbank #ganjapreneur #cannabisindustry #cannabiscommunity #cannabisculture #weed #marijuana #denver #coloradogrown

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RIP Nevil Schoenmakers Hightimes The King Of Cannabis, a true master of the craft, taken too soon. 😔 Thank you for all you've accomplished, especially for all the work you have done in the Cannabis space, particularly with breeding and genetic selection. Thank you for Nevil's Haze, Northern Lights Haze, Super Silver Haze, Nevil's Skunk, Super Skunk, Silver Pearl, Silver Haze just to name a few of your creations. Your legend will continue on as one of most influential pioneers of the cannabis industry, you have done Australia proud! #rip #nevilschoenmakers #nevilshaze #seedbankofholland #kingofcannabis #hightimes #hightimesmagazine #cannabis #420 #710 #Aussie #Dutch #lightitup #ifitaintdutchitaintmuch #flyhigh

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