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Christmas is the time to indulge — that means no brand name knock-offs or trim run in December, okay?

Whether you're buying for that special stoner in your life or treating yourself for the holidays, it's time to go for the brands that service the cannabis community with consistent, honest-to-goodness quality. We want our community to be smoking good and wrapping up the fire underneath the Christmas tree this year, so for this list we've selected the most beloved and readily available brands throughout our fair, green Golden State. Indulge and enjoy, folks!


Nameless Genetics

Wanna give the gift of West Coast weed this year? Look no further than Nameless Genetics, the gold standard for all things flower. Nameless Genetics' Mega Wellness is known for its potency, gorgeous flavors, and unbeatable social vibes. Nectarine and Blue Print are also sure to electrify your holiday gatherings this year.

Flow Kana

Flow Kana delivers boutique, sun-grown California cannabis to the masses. Partnering with small farms throughout Northern California's Emerald Triangle, Flow Kana offers a selection of small-batch craft flower — Cherry OG, Ringo's Gift, Green Door, to name a few — that'll make great stocking stuffers for friends who appreciate the finer things. And if you're in a pinch looking for a last-minute gift, Flow Kana is available just about everywhere.  


Cookies may not be available everywhere in California, but it's the brand that will appeal to cannabis culture die-hards. Owned by rapper Berner, Cookies has deep roots in the hip-hop world, with retail locations in Hollywood and Maywood. Cookies is setting standards for music and fashion in the cannabis world, and the brand's flower lineup — Cookies n Cream, Gelatti, Mimosa — pack an equally stylish, trendy punch.

Los Angeles Kush

There's no better time to treat the L.A.-native, die-hard Dodgers fan, or wide-eyed L.A. newcomer in your life to the quintessential L.A. cannabis brand. Los Angeles Kush offers fresh, affordable, high-quality flower, including L.A. Kush (Blue/Red), L.A. Punch, and L.A. Cake, that's sure to please anyone whose heart resides in the City of Angels.

Famous Genetics

If you're gifting flower this year and you want to be absolutely, positively sure your friends or family are getting high-quality bud, Famous Genetics is the brand for you. With strains including Famous OG, Famous Cookies, and Illuminati OG, Famous Genetics offers a consistently stellar smoking experience that your friends will thank you for.

Paris OG

Paris OG bears the name of the its first strain — a gorgeous bud that set a high standard for all Paris OG flower to come. This brand's classic line of top-notch bud — including tasty, powerful favorites like Louis XIII and French Aloha — is virtually unbeatable in beauty, freshness, and aroma that's sure to boost the festive factor of any stoner's gift basket.

Cru Cannabis

If you're in San Diego, L.A., Long Beach, or Palm Springs, you're likely a stone's throw away from some Purple Punch, Banana OG, or Pink OG from Cru Cannabis. This is a readily available brand throughout California with plenty of giftable, high-quality flower for your stoner “nice list.”


Whether it's in an eighth of the imminently relaxing Calm 101 or the electrifying Charge 504, Canndescent is a brand that delivers the goods. Its flower comes in clean, serene packaging that will appeal to newcomers — especially the Five Jar Gift Box, an ideal present for the new stoner in your life.


West Coast Cure

You might think of West Coast Cure as the Yankees — an undisputed legend who has been so good for so long it's almost annoying. Dabbing West Coast Cure's Bhomb Hardcore OG Shatter, Gelato Live Resin Sauce, or the lavish Millionaire Jar of Hardcore OG Cake Badder means you're dabbing the best of the best. If you need to make an impression with a gift this year, go with some grade-A concentrate from West Coast Cure.  

Raw Garden

When it comes to concentrates, price points can be, well, a bit of a downer. Thank goodness Raw Garden has burst onto the scene with beautifully rendered product that's tasty, clean, and usually very affordable. A jar of Raw Garden's Strawberry Jack, Bisti Badlands, or Tangie Badlands Sauce will make a tasty holiday treat for any dab enthusiast.

Crown Genetics

Crown Genetics is California's premiere curator of all things OG. Specializing in such carefully crafted OG strains as Crown OG, Dizzy OG (named after rapper Dizzy Wright), and Strawberry Cough, Crown Genetics makes extraordinarily dank and tasty live resin sauces, sure to be a hit at your next stoner-friendly holiday party.


Infuse some fun into someone's Christmas with a jar of True OG Sauce, Hashy Larry's TITS Live Resin, or Hashy Larry's GG #4 Crumble from Dabblicious. Every quality concentrate from this spunky, award-winning dab vendor come in fun, vibrant, retro-cartoony packaging guaranteed to inspire smiles and some holiday cheer.

Queen of Hearts

The extract artists at Queen of Hearts have made unbeatable concentrates out of several well-known, quality in-house strains. Shopping for a dabber who appreciates rich flavors and an even richer buzz? Get them some Sour Apple, Clementine, or Paris OG Shatter from Queen of Hearts.


Loudpack keeps its customers coming back for more with dank strains and even danker concentrates. The dab enthusiasts in your stoner circle will go nuts for Loudpack's potent live resins, including Gelato, Larry OG, Pacific Frost, Key Lime, and Banana OG.

Vape Pens


The industry's marked shift from 510-thread vape carts to pods is largely thanks to Stiiizy. You may have already heard about the Stiiizy vape pen's sleek design, ease of use, and reliable pods. 'Tis the season to treat yourself (or someone else, if you must) to a Stiiizy Starter Kit (Black/Rose/Orange), or add a Mango 1:1 or Skywalker OG Pod to a friend's Stiiizy arsenal.


Select has been taking the vape world by storm with its large selection of cartridges, and wide variety of cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Select vape carts are strong and tasty, and a must-try for any vape enthusiast. A Select Battery Kit and Cartridge, extra Platinum Kush Elite Indica cart, and CBD FOCUS Peppermint Vape pen will make an excellent vaper's gift basket this holiday season.

Sunday Goods

Sunday Goods is a vertically integrated brand with a booming grow operation and extract facility. Its carefully crafted, beautifully packaged LX Disposable Pens (both indica and sativa) and Northern Lights Cartridges will make great gift items for the adventurous vape enthusiast in your life.

Tree Base Klear

Tree Base Klear uses a “multi-step refinement process” to make all of its oils crystal clear without losing the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes in each extract. The brand's clean, high-quality, gorgeously packaged vape pens and carts, from Gelato to Berry White, will make great Christmas gifts for newcomers and seasoned vapers alike. The Tree Base Klear Exclusive Box is perfect for Christmas presentation, like a super-dank box of chocolates.


Flav has been in the vape game for a while now, having set a high standard for the new wave of vape pen brands to match. If you're looking for a classic, reliable vape product to share with someone special this holiday season, you can't go wrong with a Flav White Widow Disposable Stick, Tropical Trainwreck Double Black Label vape cart, or Polar Mint Mood Men CBD E-Stick.


Another top-notch vape pen specialist, Kurvana is all about creating the best full spectrum extract money can buy. The brand's ASCND line of vape carts, including such dank varieties as Northern Lights, Purple Punch, and Candy Jack, are booming with vivid, sophisticated flavor and powerful effects — the perfect gift for the vape fanatic in your circle.


It takes a lot to set yourself apart from the sea of vape companies flooding the industry, but Dosist has been making some serious waves for its sleek, simple design and exceptionally easy-to-use pens. Each vape pen formula is meticulously designed to help with sleep, calm, bliss, etc., so you can personalize Dosist pens to fit the needs of whoever you're shopping for this year.


Sporting a design and packaging that's both fun and sophisticated, Beboe's vape pens are sure to insight smiles when they're unwrapped under the Christmas tree this year. Both the Inspired Sativa and Downtime Indica vape blends are precisely balanced to capture the essence of their respective effect profiles.



If you're shopping for someone who likes strong edibles, go for Korova. From its CBD-heavy Sunday Morning Mini Cookies (200 milligrams CBD/50 milligrams THC) to its Twofer Chocolate Chip and Sativa Toffee Mini Cookies (with 20 milligrams and 100 milligrams of THC, respectively), Korova edibles are created and packaged with a cool, clever edge that will infuse the holidays with true dankness.


Help someone on your Christmas list feel the pure joy of cannabis with Enjoyable edibles. Weedmaps users are virtually unanimous in their praise of Enjoyable's euphoric treats, from its 50 milligram Ganja Gummies and 100 milligram Cocoa Krispy Treats, to the powerhouse 1,000 milligram Blackout Brownie. Go ahead, share some Enjoyables at your next holiday party (with everyone's consent, of course) and see what happens.


Move over cookie and gummy fans — Défoncé is for the chocolate lovers. Each chocolate bar in Défoncé's slick, streamlined deck of flavors (Dark+, Mint, Coffee, Vanilla, and Matcha) contain 90 milligrams of THC for optimal holiday decadence.

Kaneh Co.

If you're on the hunt for some edibles you can rely on for effectiveness, Kaneh Co. is delivering the goods all over Southern California. Kaneh Co.'s Best of Both Worlds Brownies, Red Velvet Cookies, and Peanut Crunch Cookies are all incredibly reliable, industry-standard treats that you can give away knowing they'll get the job done.  

Kanha Treats

For the friend or family member who loves candy, Kanha Treats gummies are both reliable and super-tasty. Strawberry, Watermelon, and Sour Cherry are just a few of Kanha's vibrant fruity flavors infused with 100 milligrams of THC to satisfy the sweet tooth while uplifting the body and mind.

LOL Edibles

True to its name, LOL Edibles offer a wide variety of super-dank snacks that bring pure joy to the seasoned stoner. From salty snacks such as Skywalker OG Hot Cheetos to its Blueberry Sour Belts and classic Original Krispies Cereal Bars, these treats will make an ideal stockpile for all your Christmas break snacking needs.


Papa & Barkley

For friends, parents, or other family members with arthritic or topical pains, Papa & Barkley offers a line of CBD-heavy Releaf Tinctures, Balms, and Massage Oils that have helped consumers find more potent alleviation from their ailments. Choose from varying levels of product CBD/THC ratios for the optimal gift to help your ailing loved one.

Whoopi & Maya

Together, comedy legend and medical cannabis advocate Whoopi Goldberg and cannabis entrepreneur Maya Elizabeth have cannabis product line tailor-made for women's health. Either separately or as part of a self-care ensemble, Whoopi & Maya Rub (with 50 milligrams of THC), Relax Tincture (with 100 milligrams of THC) and Savor (with 40 milligrams of CBD) will make a tender holiday gift for your cannabis-loving mom, sister, or significant other.

Care By Design

Care By Design specializes in Vape Cartridges, Soft Gels, and Sublingual Drops, with CBD:THC ratios ranging from 1:1 to 18:1. Crafted with holistic wellness in mind, Care By Design offers a great product line for anyone seeking high therapeutic value within the cannabis sphere.

Beard Bros Pharms

Founded by bearded brothers Bill and Jeff, Beard Bros Pharms has taken its “connoisseur-grade” approach to California cannabis and applied it to medicinal salves. Both Medicated Max Strength (with Capsaicin) and Critical Pain Relief salves are designed to produce long-lasting relief through carefully engineered wellness formulas.

Honey Pot

It's the holidays, which means it's “time for something sweet” and medicinal. Enter Honey Pot's gorgeously packaged line of honey-sweet vape pens, edibles, and topicals. Give your tea-loving friend some of Honey Pot's THC-infused Honey to add to his or her favorite herbal beverage, treat a vape enthusiast to the sophisticated flavors of a Basil Chamomile Disposable Vape Pen, or help alleviate a family member's aches and pains with 8 fluid ounces of THC-infused Body Lotion.

Sunday Scaries

Operating out of New York and available in California, Sunday Scaries is making great CBD-centric products to help us all with our hangovers. Its CBD Gummies 2-Pack (also available in a vegan option) will make a great gift for anyone looking to straighten out after this year's holiday festivities.