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How much is an eighth? Easy: 3.5 grams. How much is an eighth? Now that's up for debate.

If you know how variable and volatile stock prices of publicly listed cannabis companies are, then you won't be surprised by the wide range of prices for one of the most popular denominations of flower: one-eighth of an ounce, more commonly known as an eighth.

Eighths are equivalent to 3.5 grams, a quantity that offers a better value than the smallest denomination, a gram. Rolled up into several sizeable joints, an eighth can power a party or allow a consumer multiple tries of a new strain, unlike the gone-in-a-puff gram. But how much do they cost?

The ever-variable price of an eighth is subject to many variables, including the usual supply and demand, but also the patchwork of regulations governing dispensaries, products, testing, and delivery.

Analysts at Weedmaps, the international listing service for dispensaries and their products, selected a representative sample of American cities and compiled the average price of all currently published menu-item eighths. This snapshot of average prices in October shows a low of $29.06 in Denver, and a high of $59.29 in Washington D.C.

See how your city compares, below: