The reproductive element characteristic to the male cannabis plant. 

“One easy way to determine a plant's sex is to look for the stamen, which is only found on male cannabis plants.”

Stamen start to develop between four and six weeks into the growing cycle — which can help growers identify male cannabis plants.”

What is stamen?

The stamen is the male fertilizing organ of a cannabis flower. There are two parts to the stamen plant — a tubelike filament or stalk and anthers, or pollen sacs, which are located at the end of the filament or stalk. The anthers are where pollen is produced and stored until it's ready to be released for fertilization.

male marijuana plant Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

What is the role of the stamen?

As the stamen contains the male reproductive organs of the cannabis plant, it has the important job of producing pollen. The male DNA of the pollen will be transferred to the female part of the marijuana flower, which allows for reproduction and ultimately a yield of cannabis seeds. 

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