Sēd to͞o seyl | Noun

The life cycle of the marijuana plant from the time the plant is grown until the final product is sold to the customer. Some jurisdictions require digital seed to sale tracking of the entire process to ensure cannabis products are not diverted.


“Companies that care for cannabis strains use a seed to sale tracking system for the product while it is being planted, harvested, processed, and sold.”


“Dispensaries in Massachusetts will implement seed to sale software that performs cannabis tracking.


What Does Seed to Sale Mean?

The seed to sale cycle begins with the growth of the cannabis plant and culminates in its purchase by a consumer. In between the first and last seed to sale steps, growers will also keep track of manufacturing, transport, and distribution. Licensed cannabis growers use this process not only to keep detailed records but also to remain compliant within their state or country’s laws. 


What Is Seed to Sale Tracking? 

Seed to sale tracking with software is standard in the cannabis industry. Licensed marijuana operators use a computer program to track every aspect of their business, providing transparency, ensuring product safety, and demonstrating compliance with applicable laws.