Pheno Hunting

pheno ˈhən(t)iNG | Noun

The process of growing many seeds of a particular variety to find a phenotype with dominant traits desired by the grower. These traits include, but are not limited to: color smell; cannabinoid content; growth characteristics such as resistance to pests, overall height, total flowering time; and average yields.


“Growers look for things like smell, trichome production and size, and overall yield when pheno hunting.”


What does Pheno mean?

Pheno is an abbreviation of “phenotype”—which, in this application, refers to a seed with the specific characteristics desirable to growers.


“Out of all the Tangie seeds planted, #33 is my favorite pheno. Let’s call it Tangie #33!”


How to stabilize a strain

Growers use pheno-hunting as a way to stabilize hybrid strains. By seeking out phenotypes with specific traits and crossing it with phenotypes with other traits, growers are able to (over several generations), stabilize the strain to exhibit the desired traits from each parent seed.