A nectar collector is a type of portable dab rig recognizable by its vertical, straw-like design. It includes a straw used as a mouthpiece and a titanium or quartz tip that is heated up and used to vaporize cannabis concentrate. Use nectar collectors by first heating up the tip with a torch and then using the hot tip to make contact with a concentrate. They are sometimes also called dab straws. 

The rising popularity of dabbing cannabis concentrates has consumers looking for the most convenient portable device. While there are many types of wax and oil pens, many cannabis enthusiasts do not see them as a complete replacement for a dab rig

Parts of a nectar collector

  • Silicon or glass straw used as a mouthpiece to inhale vapor
  • Titanium or quartz tip similar to a dab nail that is heated and used to vaporize concentrates
  • Silicon or glass receptacle for concentrates as you dab

Some nectar collectors also have a water chamber similar to one in a bong. Water filtration delivers a cooler, smoother dab. 

Originators of the nectar collector

The original design for the nectar collector came from Jeff Zobell who, in 2014, forwarded the idea to Kristian Merwin, an experienced glass artist and engineer. After playing around with the design for a few months, Merwin finally had a workable device. The cannabis community was introduced to the nectar collector and it has remained a popular way to dab ever since.

How does a nectar collector work?

The basics of using a nectar collector are similar to taking a dab, except you are placing the heated tip on the concentrate instead of placing concentrate on a heated dab nail. 

To use a nectar collector, you will need a silicon or glass dish to hold the concentrate as you dab. This dish should be right next to you when you're taking your nectar collector dab. You'll also need your concentrate of choice, the nectar collector, and a butane torch.

How to do a nectar collector dab in 5 steps

  1. Place a small dab of concentrate on the silicon or glass dish.
  2. Use the torch to heat the tip of the nectar collector. 
  3. Let the tip cool; 15 to 30 seconds is a good starting point for nectar collectors, but you will need to do a little testing to get the perfect temperature.
  4. Place your mouth over the straw and inhale while you lightly touch the heated tip to your waiting concentrate.
  5. Be careful with the heated tip. The lid of a silicon jar or concentrate container is a good, heat-proof resting spot for the nectar collector while it cools.

Why use a nectar collector

A chief reason for nectar collectors' popularity is convenience. You don't need as many loose parts to take a dab and it often requires less time than a full-on dab rig, nail, and carb cap setup. The basic design of a nectar collector should reduce waste, too, as it allows you to control exactly how much you are vaporizing. Simply pull the tip away from your concentrates when you have had enough. The price of a simple nectar collector compares to a glass bong, making it accessible to concentrate enthusiasts and casual cannabis consumers alike.

What's the best way to clean a nectar collector?

To clean your nectar collector, gather these supplies: 

  • A plastic zip-top bag
  • Hot water
  •  1 or 2 cups or glasses, 1 tall enough to hold your nectar collector upright
  •  A cleaning agent with 91% or higher alcohol content 

Follow these steps to clean your nectar collector:

  1. Once you have gathered these supplies, remove the tip of your nectar collector. If it has a water chamber, hold it over a sink or tub, or use another cup or glass, and blow through the mouthpiece. This will push out the water so you can fill the chamber with the cleaning agent. 
  2. Place the piece upright inside the cup or glass and let it soak for at least an hour. 
  3. Next, place the tip in the plastic bag, fill it with a cleaning solution, and soak for the same amount of time. 
  4. Finally, rinse each piece with hot water, being sure to cleanse the nectar collector of any residual cleaning solution. 

You can also use a plastic container filled with enough alcohol to submerge the piece. Using this method, you can also soak the tip in the same container. Cover and let sit for at least an hour. Shake gently then remove and rinse well under hot water.

Can you smoke wax with a nectar collector?

Smoking wax with a nectar collector is easy as nectar collectors are very versatile. You can also smoke shatter, rosin, CBD oil, THC oil, budder, or whatever cannabis concentrate you may be in the mood for. 

How much money is the average nectar collector?

A simple nectar collector may cost around $15 with more elaborate rigs running upwards of $35 for silicone and glass models. Electronic models that don't require a torch for heating run upwards of $50.  

Is a nectar collector worth it?

It depends. Like many things in the world of cannabis, it's a matter of personal taste. If you like dabbing concentrates but want something more portable, a nectar collector is a good option. If you aren't sure about dabbing but want to try it without investing in a full dab rig, this is one way to go. If you want to introduce someone to dabbing in a simple, accessible way, a nectar collector can be less intimidating than other means of taking a dab. 

What is the difference between a nectar collector and a honey straw?

Actually, Nectar Collector is a brand name but much like Kleenex, it's come to mean the thing itself rather than the branded product. So, they are effectively the same thing, a portable, straw-like dabbing device that's used by lightly touching the heated tip to cannabis concentrate. 

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