A long piece glass that serves as a connector between the bowl and the body of a bong or water pipe. The downstem facilitates a suction pressure that draws the smoke down through the mouthpiece as you inhale. They can be removable or fixed to the glass piece. A diffused downstem is equipped with a diffuser that aerates the smoke and provides a smoother hit. 

My bong downstem looks like a mini water tube slide.

She chose a downstem customized with a diffuser to attach to her ceramic bong.

bong downstem Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

What is a downstem?

The downstem is an elongated tube that connects the bowl to the water source in a bong or water pipe. 

How does a downstem work?

A downstem allows the smoke from burning cannabis to travel smoothly from the bowl to the base of a bong or water pipe. From there, the water bubbles as the user inhales the hit. 

What is a downstem diffuser?

A downstem diffuser is a modified type of downstem attachment with open slits on one end. The slits work to break up the smoke differently than with a regular downstem, producing smaller bubbles and resulting in a cooling effect for a smoother hit. 

Common downstem sizes

Downstems generally come in standard sizes for glass joints:

  • 10 mm
  • 14 mm
  • 18 mm

Where to buy a downstem

Downstems and other glass attachments may be purchased online or any place that sells cannabis accessories. 

How do you get a stuck downstem out?

If the downstem gets stuck in your bong, first try flushing it out with cold water. If that fails, you can use rubbing alcohol and a set of tweezers. Pour the alcohol down the tube and then grip the downstem with the tweezers to pull out. 

How do you clean a downstem bowl?

Alcohol will also come in handy to clean a downstem bowl that has become clogged or simply needs freshening. First, remove the downstem bowl and fill with alcohol and a spoonful of salt. Then, place the downstem bowl in a plastic bag, completely submerging with alcohol. Seal the bag and let it sit for a couple of hours before rinsing and drying completely. Your downstem bowl will then be fresh and ready to use. 

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