A pointed tool used in the dabbing process. Dabbing tools are used to pick up a dab of cannabis concentrate, such as wax, shatter or BHO, and apply it to a heated surface on an oil rig pipe. 

I bought a dabber tool yesterday, and I'm going to use it when I fire up my oil rig pipe.

That dabber saved my skin when I was heating up my pipe last night.

What is a dabber tool?

A dabber tool is an elongated object with a sharp point at the end. Dabbers are generally constructed from glass or stainless steel metal and can increase the safety and neatness of your dabbing experience. 

dabber tool Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

What is a dabber used for?

Dabbing utensils serve as a protective barrier between your bare hands and the heated surface, preventing you from getting burned while you're dabbing. A dabber can be compared to a cooking utensil like metal tongs that a chef uses to pick up a hot potato. The dabber serves the same purpose with a different object.

How do you use a dabbing tool?

Apply your dabbing tool directly to the nail inside the dome of your torch and inhale. Rotate the tip a bit to catch any excess oil and prevent it from dripping. Exhale and enjoy. 

What can you use for a dabbing tool?

The best dab tool will have a sharp edge and be easy to grasp in your hand. Any tool with a quartz or titanium tip should do the trick for your dabbing experience. So, you may use a dab straw, honey or nectar collector, or even a torch lighter as a dabbing tool. You can also purchase a dab kit that includes a dab pick and other tools for avid dabbers. 

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