The part of a pipe that is used to hold the cannabis. If attached to a water pipe, or bong, it is sometimes referred to as a slide. The weed bowl is an essential component for any cannabis flower smoking device. The bowl itself may be fashioned from wood, ceramic, plastic, glass, or bamboo, and embellished with carvings or other decorative touches. Like other bong accessories, the bowl is a removable attachment that you can clean separately.

My glass bong is shaped like a dragon with the bowl painted like a crimson flame.

I need a bowl for weed so I can hold the cannabis in my pipe.

glass bong bowl Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

How to pack a bowl

The first order of business for your bowl packs is to grab a heating source, such as a butane lighter with which you can ignite the bud itself,  a hemp wick or a glass wand. Packing a bowl also includes a little prep work with breaking down weed pieces with a grinder.

Consider placing a screen at the bottom of your bowl to prevent debris from passing through and to create a smoother flow of air. Finally, pack the bowl with weed more lightly at the bottom and increase the density towards the top which will facilitate better burn and airflow. 

metal bong bowl Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

How to smoke a bowl

Smoking a bowl starts with holding your lighter in the proper position, right over the top of the bowl. Spark the bud and inhale with your thumb over the carb to bring smoke into the chamber. Doing so may also create a “cherry” so that you can pass the bowl to the next person in your group without having to relight. Release your thumb off the carb and inhale the THC-laden smoke. When you exhale, make sure you take your mouth off the pipe so that the weed doesn't scatter everywhere. That's all you need to know about how to smoke weed from a bowl - enjoy!

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