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Roya Family Medical Center

808 N. 19th Ave Melrose Park, IL 60160 - Doctor

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Melrose Park Doctor - Roya Family Medical Center

About Us

Roya Family Medical Center is a Melrose Park Medical Marijuana Clinic

Dr. Alexandre of Roya Family Medical Center has proudly served Chicago patients for the past two decades. She and her team of practitioners are pleased to offer professional medical cannabis evaluations to Melrose Park patients in need. Roya Family Medical Center is a full-service family practice that also provides medical marijuana recommendations to patients with debilitating medical conditions. Roya Family Medical Center is run with maximum efficiency, and their friendly staff does all they can to tailor to their patient’s schedules. Roya Family Medical Center is one of the few Melrose Park cannabis evaluation centers that accept walk-in patients, but patients also have the option of scheduling an appointment at one of their clinics. Roya Family Medical Center is most focused on being readily available for patients in need throughout Melrose Park.

The doctor was inspired to integrate medical cannabis into her practice due to her firm stance against opioid addiction and dependency. Understanding that there is a safer, natural alternative to pain management and a host of other conditions through medical marijuana spurred Dr. Alexandre to open Roya Family Medical Center. Through her experience and knowledge in Family Medicine and specially trained team of practitioners, Melrose Park patients have access to wellness through medical cannabis.

The process for correctly completing the Medical Cannabis Patient Registry Application can be tricky, but Roya Family Medical Center is here to help. The Illinois Department of Public Health requires the patient meet with a physician to discuss medical cannabis as a treatment for their conditions. Roya Family Medical Center gladly accepts walk-in patients, and scheduling an appointment can be done by calling their office. Patients interested in medical marijuana have their initial consultation for $150 then their follow up appointment for $100. On the third visit, they become a patient with Roya Family Medical Center for a $75 fee. Roya Family Medical Center stands out among Melrose Park clinics thanks to their accessibility and ease. Patients are always able to reach their compassionate staff over the phone or in person during office hours. Medical marijuana patients feel comfortable at their medical cannabis clinic, and their marijuana doctors sympathize with their patients. Roya Family Medical Center believes patients are going through enough due to their ailments and shouldn’t have to manage the process of completing the Medical Cannabis Registry Application alone.

Local Legislation
The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act came into effect on August 1st in 2013. This Act eventually created the Medical Cannabis Patient Registry Program, which allows Illinois residents diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition to obtain medical cannabis legally.

Service Locations
Roya Family Medical Center has five convenient Medical Marijuana Centers that Illinois patients can go to complete their medical cannabis registry. Patients interested in medical marijuana in Perkin, Shelbyville, and Harrisburg have a Roya Family Medical Center conveniently located in their city. Their newest location is in Clinton, and they are happy to see patients from throughout the greater Chicago area.

Location Information
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8:00am -  4:30pm
1:00pm -  4:30pm
1:00pm -  4:30pm
8:00am -  4:30pm
8:00am -  12:00pm
808 N. 19th Ave
Melrose Park, IL, 60160
Member Since
May 17th, 2016

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Roya Family Medical Center

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This was such an awesome experience. The staff is the greatest. There was no haste making the appointment. The doc was you an

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