Omni Medical Services

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doctor Beachwood, Ohiomedical
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3.6 stars


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absolutely love this place

Only Doctor I'll see.

taking advantage of their patients!!! do not get caught up in this scam! very very disappointed. got a card after paying 280 2 months ago, went to michigan once, second time card denied in michigan, no heads up from omni, called omni one person said that i would be registered in system in a week called then and now i am told they want another 175 of fees to simply register me into the registry everything else has been done they said the date on paperwork needs to be in line w the pharmacy board date of opening the registry so instead of updating the date and entering into registry,they want another $175 and another appt even tho . . script is valid until the end of jan, scandalous !

omni scams it's patient's

just renewed 3 weeks ago omni never notified me that I was not valid in michigan, now they won't add my name to the registry unless I pay them another 250 plus pay 50 to the state registry as well. SCAMMERS They claim they did not know this RIGHT!!! BEWARE OHIOIANS.

Good staff

Good staff take good care of you in this crazy new Ohio system that has a long way to go but it’s a start !!

Ripping off ohio patients!!

Over a yr (5x) of paying $100 for renewals every 3 months and after paying $280 for inital visit to the tune of $800 for nothing! Now they want $280 more for me to renew and put me in the registry!! Would you call that compassionate care? This Co. is taking adavantage of sick people!!


got my medical marijuana prescription and card. pretty quick, and comfortable. hard to get someone on the phone to ask questions to be prepared. all in all it was a positive experience. I have been in twice once to be certified, the second to get my recertification.

refused to give Dr name

contacted this office today to schedule an appointment. refused to give me the treating physicians name so I can check his or her credentials. Said it's against company policy to release the Dr.'s name.

Decent experience but slightly misinformed

I went to obtain my medical card and was told that once I obtained it, I could use it in the state of California. Well, that is not true. You cannot use an OH medical card in CA. So, I don’t give the staff very high marks for being educated. The process was a bit weird with me paying for the visit before so saw the doctor. And when I saw the doctor, she gave me a pitch about how she sells homeopathic medicine. I did not think that was cool. I don’t know what other businesses or officers Omni shares its space with but it has a strange vibe. I am glad I got the card and got out of there. It took about an hour start to finish. Got the card that same day.

Wonderful experience!

Thank you for a wonderful experience! Finally, someone takes me and my health issues seriously! As a nurse, I have a damaged back that traditional medicine has failed me. After my pain management doctor told me there was nothing more they could do since the opiate regulations are preventing increasing or changing my oral meds. Finally debating on going this route, and got brave enough to do it. Fast service, in and out with paperwork within an hour. Everyone was helpful and understanding. I appreciate this offer to control my chronic pain. Thank you!


Very professional staff and atmosphere. Straight to the point. Quick process. Walk out with license and paperwork within an hour. Thanks for everything Omni!!!

The way medicine OUGHneT

It is refreshing for *modern* medicine to be just that MODERN, not Neanderthal. Chronic pain need not be a death sentence nor a killer of one's kidneys from synthetic pharmaceutical products. FINALLY Natural medicine for normal people! Thank you!

easy does it made the best day of my life happen😎

simple process very beautiful experience yolo best time of my life they made what I been waiting 43yrs for happen wish I didn't wait so long