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7900 Anchor Drive Windsor, ON N8N 5E5 Windsor, ON N8N 5E5 - Doctor

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Windsor Doctor - Natural Health Services

First-Time Patients

At Natural Health Services appointments are free, licensed physicians and doctors are provided on site, and NO doctor referral is required to qualify as a medical cannabis patient. We truly offer compassionate access to cannabis. Visit us today!

About Us

Welcome to Natural Health Services. We’re looking forward to becoming your partner in health and helping you access medical cannabis. If you haven’t already booked your appointment, you can do so by visiting, or you can call us at 1-844-262-0942.

How it works…
Are you new to Natural Health Services? Here is what you can expect:
1) The first step to get started with Natural Health Services is to book an appointment. You can do so one of two ways. You can book online, or you can call our patient care team at 1-844-262-0942. We’re available for you Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm MST, and Saturdays from 9am – 3pm MST.
2) When you come in for your appointment, you will want to bring with you a piece of photo ID and your health care card. While we do our best to stay on schedule, like any specialty clinic, we sometimes run late so please make sure to give yourself enough time.
3) The first part of your appointment is with a physician who will discuss with you whether or not medical cannabis is a fit for you, and address any health concerns you may have.
4) After your appointment with your physician, you will visit the Education Centre where you will sit down with a Bud Genius. Our Bud Genius team is trained in and can provide you with information on consumption methods, strain selection (based on the physician’s recommendations), and Licensed Producer selection.
5) Once you’ve chosen your Licensed Producer, you will fill out the registration form with your Licensed Producer and we will send your medical document to them. The verification process can take up to 2 weeks.
6) Once your account is verified the Licensed Producer will contact you to let you know that you’re ready to order. You can place your order with most producers either by phone or through their website, and your medicine will be delivered to your door by courier service (typically Purolator or Canada Post XpressPost).
7) The final step to maintain your active prescription is to come in regularly for your follow-up appointments. This is a requirement set out by the College of Physicians and Surgeons and is also a great opportunity for you to check-in with us and let us know if you have any questions or concerns, or make changes to your Licensed Producers. Please note that this is a required step, and failure to attend your follow-up appointment will result in cancellation of your medical document.

9:00am -  5:00pm
9:00am -  5:00pm
9:00am -  5:00pm
9:00am -  5:00pm
9:00am -  5:00pm
7900 Anchor Drive Windsor, ON N8N 5E5
Windsor, ON, N8N 5E5
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October 20th, 2017

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