Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification Center

2.0 stars by 2 reviews
doctorGrand Rapids, MImedical
Closed10:00am - 6:00pm

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2 stars

I gave them a three because I am certified, but..

This is where I was certified in 2016 and re-certified in 2019. There is no friendliness involved. It is just business by bored people. Sterile environment. One of the docs I saw Told Me he wasn’t even in favor of marijuana, that he was just filling in. . That is shocking, in my opinion. Why? Why would they put someone in there like that? That being said, the job did eventually get done. The first time the doctor didn’t fill out the form properly so the process in Lansing was stopped until they fixed it. Communication issues within the organization is spotty at best and they are slow to return phone calls if they return them at all. Having said all that, my experience with a similar set-up in Florida was quite a bit better, even though that form wasn’t filled out right the first time either, which delayed my license there. But their office process was better so it can be done. Don’t go in expecting hippies. These are not that. It is a business.

Not good