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About Us

Licence to Grow now assists patients with Medical Marijuana Grow Licenses in Hamilton

Residents of Hamilton in Ontario, Canada may now begin their journeys toward healthier and happier living through Licence to Grow’s medical marijuana growing license service. The medical staff behind Licence to Grow believes in empowering its patients by giving them the tools to tackle their ailments as they see fit.

First, Licence to Grow provides its patients in Hamilton with cannabis education. Licence to Grow educates patients regarding differences between available cultivars, current medical marijuana legislation and how it affects growers, as well as suggestions toward methods of consumption. Licence to Grow’s incredibly experienced medical staff understands that cannabis treatments are particular to an individual. One patient may find success with a specific Indica while another patient may find success with a specific Indica-leaning Hybrid. One of the best ways for a patient to take control of her own health is by growing her own medicine. For serious, long-term care tailormade to suit your ailments, growing your own cannabis is the most effective option.

Licence to Grow ensures patient satisfaction by offering digital consultations through Skype. Patients from all over Hamilton may consult with a cannabis doctor through Licence to Grow from the comfort of their own homes. For suggestions on how best to discover exactly what’s right for you, contact Licence to Grow for more information today.

Licence to Grow’s process for acquiring a medical marijuana growing license in Hamilton is simple. First, prospective patients must connect with Licence to Grow online or over the phone to set up a consultation with a compassionate doctor. Once the doctor has reviewed patients’ information, he will fill out medical documentation that includes a daily grammage prescription. Patients must then complete a few ACMPR forms, which they will then mail along with the doctor’s grammage prescription to Health Canada in Ottawa. Health Canada will then mail the patient’s official ACMPR documentation that will include patients’ production site address and plant count. Patients may then begin growing their own medicine.

Local Legislation:
Medical marijuana legislation in Hamilton allows for patients to grow indoors and outdoors; however, patients must choose beforehand, even if they will be growing in both settings. It is also legal to grow more than 100 plants, depending on the cannabis doctor’s grammage prescription. For more information regarding current legislation, contact Licence to Grow.

Service Locations:
Licence to Grow is proud to serve the entirety of Hamilton, Ontario. From Mississauga to Burlington and Brantford, Licence to Grow’s cannabis physicians can be reached from anywhere in your own home through its robust, mobile-friendly online platform. Patients living in Grimsby, Stoney Creek, and even Dundas can skip out on the traffic to Kitchener or Toronto and seize their right to grow today.

Location Information:
Residents of Hamilton point to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum as an absolute must-visit for military and history buffs. This museum houses everything from long-since retired WW2-era fighter planes to the infamous Lancaster bomber. Locals also recommend the Dundurn Castle just off of York Boulevard. This fascinating villa built in the 1830s is rife with historical significance and still stores many artifacts which date back to the villa’s inception.

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Hamilton, ON, L9K 1L6
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September 22nd, 2017

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