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About Us

Licence to Grow now assists patients with Medical Marijuana Grow Licenses in Calgary

Those living in Calgary in search of taking charge of their own health may pursue medical marijuana growing licenses through Licence to Grow’s stellar service. Each member of the medical team stands united behind the ideal of patient empowerment. By giving patients the wherewithal to overcome their chronic conditions through growing their own medicine, Licence to Grow guarantees its patients a more effective and fulfilling method of treatment. Take your health into your own hands.

Licence to Grow also empowers its patients in Calgary by educating them about cannabis. Cannabis experts at Licence to Grow educate their patients regarding current medical cannabis legislation and how it may affect growers, suggestions toward methods of cultivation and consumption, as well as information regarding the differing cultivars available. Licence to Grow understands that each patient’s treatment is unique: one patient may find success with Indica cultivars while another finds relief with Sativa cultivars. Licence to Grow firmly believes that empowering patients to control their own medicine is a step in the right direction. For long-term care hand-tailored to remedy patient-specific ailments, a medical marijuana grow license through Licence to Grow in Calgary is an incredibly potent option.

Licence to Grow’s consultations take place via Skype — digitally. Patients from every corner of Calgary may speak with Licence to Grow’s cannabis physicians from the comfort of their own living rooms. For more information about growing medical cannabis in Canada, contact Licence to Grow today.

Acquiring a medical cannabis grow license through Licence to Grow is patient-friendly. First, patients must log onto Licence to Grow online to schedule a consultation with one of their cannabis physicians. Once the doctor has reviewed patients’ documentation, the doctor may then assess those qualified with a daily grammage prescription. Patients must then fill out a few ACMPR forms and mail them, along with the doctor’s daily grammage prescription, to Health Canada in Ottawa. Health Canada will then mail the patient’s official ACMPR documentation, which will also include plant count and production site addresses. Once complete, patients may begin growing.

Local Legislation:
Medical cannabis laws in Calgary allow for patients to grow their medicine both indoors and outdoors. Patients must notify Health Canada of their chosen setting, even if it will be both. It is legal for patients to grow more than 100 plants, but it depends on the doctor’s daily grammage prescription. For more information regarding the number of plants a patient can grow, and more, contact the helpful folks at Licence to Grow.

Service Locations:
Licence to Grow proudly serves all of Calgary. From the far edges of Arbour Lake to Mckenzie Towne further south and everywhere in between, Licence to Grow’s medical marijuana grow licensing service is second to none. Run by growers for growers, Licence to Grow can reach patients even out in Bragg Creek or Chestermere, all they need is an internet connection or cellular reception. With Licence to Grow, days in Calgary have become a bit greener.

Location Information:
Calgary is home to Spruce Meadows, a beautiful complex for by and for equestrians. If horses are your thing, Spruce Meadows is a must-see. Locals also highly recommend the Heritage Park Historical Village just off of Heritage Drive Southwest; Heritage Park includes train rides, steam trains, a candy store, a blacksmith, a Ferris wheel and more — perfect for an outing with the whole family.

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Calgary, AB, T2P 4K9
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September 22nd, 2017

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