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Licence to Grow now offers Medical Marijuana Grow Licenses in Vancouver

Ailing patients residing in Vancouver who are interested in taking charge of their own health for better, healthier living may pursue medical marijuana grow licenses through Licence to Grow’s stellar digital service. They believe patients who take charge of their health by growing their own medicine can find a personal sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that purchasing medicine cannot provide.

Licence to Grow’s staff prides itself on cannabis education. Licence to Grow educates its Vancouver patients about current medical marijuana legislation, the various cultivars available to patients, and even cultivation and consumption techniques. Licence to Grow is a service run by growers for growers. They understand that any individual patient’s treatment may vary from another’s. One patient may find relief through Sativa cultivars while another finds relief for similar symptoms through Indica cultivars. Licence to Grow believes encouraging patients to maintain and control their own health is a positive step. For long-term care tailormade to suit each patient’s need, a medical marijuana grow license from Licence to Grow is the way to go.

Licence to Grow holds its consultations online via Skype. Patients living in the furthest reaches of Vancouver can access Licence to Grow’s streamlined service from the comfort of their own living rooms. For more information about grow licenses or the legality thereof, contact Licence to Grow today.

Obtaining a medical cannabis grow license with Licence to Grow in Vancouver is simple and streamlined for patients. First, patients must register online with Licence to Grow, where they will fill out information and schedule an appointment with one of this service’s experienced cannabis doctors. The doctor will then assess qualified patients with daily cannabis grammage prescriptions. Patients need to complete a few short ACMPR forms and mail them, along with the doctor’s grammage prescription, to Health Canada in Ottawa. Patients will then receive official ACMPR documentation from Health Canada through the mail that will include their total plant allotment. Once patients have received this documentation from Health Canada, they may begin to grow their medicine.

Local Legislation:
Growers in Vancouver are allowed to grow their medicine both indoors and outdoors, but they must notify Health Canada of their desired grow locations, even if it will be a combination of both. It is legal for patients to grow more than 100 plants depending on the doctor’s prescribed grammage.

Service Locations:
Licence to Grow’s online platform allows them access to patients all over Vancouver, from Kitsilano to the East Side and Sunset. Patients may begin to pursue healthier and happier ways of living through growing their own medicine in Burnaby and Richmond, even up in North Vancouver, once they’ve been assessed grow licenses from Licence to Grow’s phenomenal service. From the Salish Sea to Coquitlam and beyond, Licence to Grow looks forward to empowering its patients by encouraging them to seize control of their own well being.

Location Information:
No visit to Vancouver would be complete without a trip to Stanley Park. Stanley Park is North America’s third-largest park. Covering more than 1,000 acres of land, Stanley Park is a sprawling wonderland of greenery and relaxation. This magnificent place has everything. And while you’re there, the Seawall in Vancouver that separates the park from the ocean offers passersby incredibly scenic vistas out across the bay. Be sure to pack a lunch!

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Vancouver, BC, V6H 3J8
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September 22nd, 2017

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