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First-Time Patients

MEDICAL TOURSITS (5mins process and ready to buy) Medical Marijuana Cards 100% Online 1. Go to our Website 2. Fill out Online Forms 3. Pay 4. Doctor Evaluation 5. Medical Certificate in 5 minutes 6. Go To Dispensaries


MEDICAL TOURISTS with a State ID or Passport, you will get a medical cannabis certification by a certified doctor in Puerto Rico which is accepted in all dispensaries. A printed copy can be send by mail if requested for an additional fee. In 5 Minutes you are ready to go to a dispensary and BUY some Medical Marijuana. Enjoy!!!

If you are a PR RESIDENTS, you will get a medical cannabis recommendation by a certified doctor and a license application.  Once uploaded the documents into the system, we will process the paperwork with the PR Health Department so you can get your card. Once the card is issued, you will have to pick up your card in personat one of our locations.

About Us

Island Med Provides Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Mayagüez

Residents and tourists of Mayagüez, Island Med has expanded its digital domain to provide the entirety of Puerto Rico with medical marijuana recommendations. The staff behind Island Med aims to provide its patients with the means to pursue healthier and happier lifestyles. Island Med believes ailing travelers and residents shouldn’t be tied up by confusing processes, so they’ve streamlined things via online consolidation as part of their commitment to compassion and convenience through patient-first service.

And for the tourists enjoying a vacation in Mayagüez: Island Med’s traveler outreach further expedites the recommendation process. Contact Island Med for more information.

From Mayagüez at one end of the island to Ceiba at the other, Island Med has a few deals in the works: get a medical marijuana recommendation with Island Med and save up to 25% on your next medical marijuana purchase in Puerto Rico. Island Med staffs more than 30 state-approved cannabis doctors who have decades of collective medical experience and who are excited to assist patients with anything they may require.

Resident Procedure:
Island Med’s online portal has streamlined the medical cannabis recommendation process for residents. First, residents of Mayagüez and Puerto Rico at large must register with Island Med, fill out a short health questionnaire, and pay the doctor’s fee. Island Med’s doctors will contact patients to verify their eligibility for medical cannabis use. Once patients have been verified, they will have immediate online access to their medical marijuana recommendation. (Residents should be aware that Island Med will provide pre-filled license applications.) Once the documentation has been taken to the Department of Health and Card issued you need to come by their offices to pickup ID. 

Non-Resident Procedure:
Island Med encourages interested tourists to present State Issued ID and Passport to Island Med’s cannabis doctors  for evaluation and approval. With the Medical Certificate in hand, traveling patients may then legally access dispensaries anywhere from Ceiba on one end of the island to Mayagüez on the other.

Local Legislation:
As of January 2017, medical marijuana laws in Puerto Rico allow for dispensaries islandwide. However, smoking is prohibited by law; the only legal forms of consumption are oils, extracts, topicals, capsules, and edibles. Tourists should note that they cannot take their purchased cannabis treatments home with them. What’s purchased in Puerto Rico must stay in Puerto Rico.

Service Locations:
The patient-first service of Island Med covers the entirety of Puerto Rico, from Mayagüez to Ponce to Arecibo. Traveling patients and residents alike should call Island Med for more information. Those residing in Barcelona or Balboa don’t need to fight traffic on the 2, and tourists staying in Marina needn’t leave their idyllic vista: Island Med can take care of its patients online. Even if you’ve just arrived in Villa Sol or are staying in Santurce, Island Med has your needs in mind.

Location Information:
Locals in Mayagüez love Plaza Colon, a small, beautiful plaza perfect for afternoon strolls while sipping on locally brewed coffee. The Yaguez Theater on McKinley Street is a local gem: an architectural jewel, many have said. Enjoy theatrical shows from the comfortable seat of Puerto Rican history itself! The Mayagüez Zoo is definitely worth at least one afternoon visit, and to finish the day off, pick up a delicious treat at the Ricomini Bakery on Calle Mendez Vigo. Ricomini’s glazed donuts are to die for.

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10:00am -  10:00pm
10:00am -  10:00pm
Please visit our website
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