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About Us

Island Med Provides Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Manatí

Residents and tourists of Manatí may now find medical marijuana recommendations through Island Med. They have expanded their digital domain to include the entirety of Puerto Rico proper. Island Med endeavors to provide its patients with the means to pursue alternative pathways to happier and healthier lifestyles. They believe travelers and locals suffering from chronic conditions shouldn’t be tied up by confusing processes, so Island Med has streamlined their service via online consolidation. Their commitment to compassion and convenience through patient-first service shows at every step.

And for travelers and tourists looking to enjoy a stay in Manatí: Island Med’s traveler outreach can further expedite the recommendation process. Those interested should contact Island Med for more information.

From Manatí up north to Ponce down south, Island Med has a few savory deals in the works: receive a medical marijuana recommendation from Island Med and then save up to 25% on your next medical marijuana purchase throughout Puerto Rico. Island Med has more than 30 state-certified marijuana doctors on staff who have decades of collective medical experience. Each is excited to assist patients with anything that they may require. And best of all, Island Med’s online portal is mobile-friendly, too!

Resident Procedure:
Island Med has made the medicinal marijuana recommendation process simple for residents of Puerto Rico. First, patients who live in Puerto Rico must register with Island Med, fill out a health questionnaire, and then pay the doctor’s fees. Next, doctors will contact patients to verify their medicinal marijuana eligibility. If successfully verified, patients may then immediately access their medicinal marijuana recommendations online. (Note that Island Med will then provide these patients with pre-filled license applications.)  Patients must then wait for the Department of Cannabis to issue their state-issued cannabis ID cards. Once the card arrives in Island Med's Office, patients may then legally access dispensaries across Puerto Rico.

Non-Resident Procedure: 
Traveling patients should first bring or upload their state-issued ID or Passport and Island Med  doctor will approve and verify and validate your medical condition. Then, patients must take this approved and verified documentation directly to dispensary to buy their medicine.  

Local Legislation:
Puerto Rico legislation states that as of January 2017, dispensaries are allowed to operate throughout the island. Legal forms of consumption include flower, oils, capsules, extracts, topicals, and edibles. Tourists are not allowed to take their medicinal marijuana treatments out of Puerto Rico and patients are only allowed to purchase a 30-day supply. 


Service Locations:
Island Med’s stellar patient-first service covers the entire island of Puerto Rico, from Manatí to Caguas and Ponce — even those living along the shores of Aguacate may access Island Med’s online portal. Those visiting Puerto Rico in the near future should either begin the aforementioned online procedure, or contact Island Med for more information. Tourists of Manatí needn’t leave the comfort of their idyllic vistas to fight traffic along the 2 to find what they need; instead, they can kick back and acquire a cannabis recommendation from the convenience of a computer or even a phone.

Location Information:
Manatí is home to some of Puerto Rico’s most beautiful beaches. The Playa Mar Chiquita may be a small inlet, but it more than makes up for it in quality. Its waves are calm and its water is crystal clear, and the adventurous types can have loads of fun along the bordering rocks. Manatí’s tucked-away gem of the Playa la Cueva las Golondrinas requires a bit of a hike to reach, but even the locals will attest: it’s worth it. For those interested in Puerto Rico’s history, tours through Hacienda La Esperanza present tourists with a wonderful opportunity to peek into the island’s various ecosystems as well as its 19th-Century sugar plantation heritage.

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