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Aguada Doctor - Island Med

First-Time Patients

MEDICAL TOURSITS (5mins process and ready to buy)
Medical Marijuana Cards 100% Online
1. Go to our Website
2. Fill out Online Forms
3. Pay
4. Doctor Evaluation
5. Medical Certificate in 5 minutes
6. Go To Dispensaries


MEDICAL TOURISTS with a State Issued ID or Passport, you will get a medical cannabis certification by a certified doctor in Puerto Rico which is accepted in all dispensaries. A printed copy can be send by mail if requested for an additional fee. In 5 Minutes you are ready to go to a dispensary and BUY some Medical Marijuana. Enjoy!!!

If you are a PR RESIDENTS, you will get a medical cannabis recommendation by a certified doctor. Once uploaded into the system, we will process the paperwork with the PR Health Department so you can get your card. Once the card is issued, you will have to pick up your card in person as requested by the Health Department.

About Us

Island Med Provides Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Aguada


Residents of the island of Puerto Rico who have been searching for balance and wellness in their lives can now obtain medical marijuana recommendations through Island Med in Aguada. Island Med’s robust team of medical experts is compassionate, knowledgeable, and efficient with its patients.


If you plan on visiting Puerto Rico, Island Med’s digital doctor’s office can help you get situated even before leaving! Island Med’s incredible platform connects patients to cannabis doctors all across the island instantaneously. And with more than 20 state-approved cannabis doctors on staff, Island Med can cater to each patient individually with personalized care, like digital house calls. With Island Med, no patient is left behind. Island Med also abides by all HIPAA standards and regulations by encrypting its patients’ information to protect it from theft. For patients, the Island Med experience is quick, discreet, and always convenient!


Island Med is excited to offer its Aguada patients exclusive discounts on their first dispensary purchases throughout Puerto Rico! As the island’s premier medical marijuana recommendation resource, Island Med has assisted thousands in pursuing healthier and happier lifestyles. And now that they’ve expanded to include Aguada among a number of other Puerto Rican cities, Island Med’s team hopes to help thousands more.


Resident Procedure:

Residents who seek medical marijuana recommendations in Aguada must first log onto Island Med’s website to complete a short health questionnaire. Island Med’s cannabis doctors will review patients’ responses and assess those who are qualified with medical marijuana recommendations. Following that, resident patients will receive cannabis ID cards from the Department of Health ito be picked up in our offices or locations, which allow the legal purchase of cannabis treatments throughout Puerto Rico.


Non-Resident Procedure:

State ID or Passport required to get evaluated from one of our Doctors. 30 day Certification will be give n if qualified to use immediately in one of the many dispensaries in Puerto Rico. 


Local Legislation:

Medical marijuana’s legal forms include flower,tinctures, edibles, capsules, oils, topicals, and extracts. Visiting patients are disallowed from taking their treatments home with them, too.


Service Locations:

Island Med’s digital purview extends across Aguada, from Cam Playa to Luyado and everywhere in between. Island Med’s robust online platform allows patients from all across Puerto Rico to access medical marijuana recommendations and renewals from the comfort of their own homes!


Location Information:


Aguada locals regard La Casa del Dorado as one of the area’s best restaurants. Its shoreline location, right up against the waves, really adds to its already-phenomenal dishes. Parada Tipica is another favorite eatery for locals to enjoy a round of ice-cold smoothies as well as tasty stuffed chicken.


10:00am -  10:00pm
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10:00am -  10:00pm
Please visit our website
Aguada, PR, 00602
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July 19th, 2017

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