In-store purchases only
In-store purchases only



First-Time Patients

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Go to: Heallymd.com
How it works:
Heally makes the often complicated and time-consuming process of getting your medical marijuana recommendation simple. No parking. No waiting rooms. No fluctuating prices. Simply sign up, connect, and get your certification.
1). Sign up – An easy and intuitive form makes it simple to create an account.
2). Connect to your Doctor – Connect with a doctor through video, audio, or messaging within minutes.
3). Certification – Work one-on-one with your doctor through your evaluation and receive your certification online.
Every evaluation is 100% confidential, secure, and HIPAA compliant. Simple pricing with no hidden fee, every evaluation costs $200. Credit card information is securely stored using Paypal. Web and mobile support is available through our customer service representative center.


Have your Recommendation in 3 simple steps:
1). Sign up – Go to heallymd.com and register
2). Connect to your Doctor – via video conference right on your phone or computer.
3). Certification – Once certified the file is available instantly for download and print, so you can register with New York State
Heally – Connecting you to medical marijuana doctors.
From start to finish, Heally connects you to physicians who are ready to give you the medical marijuana evaluation you need. Developing a secure technology and system that allows patients to connect to physicians via computer and cell phone through live video, audio, or messaging, Heally has completely revolutionized the way we think about medical cannabis evaluations and telemedicine. By breaking down barriers and connecting patients to physicians like never before, Heally lies at the crossroads of health, technology, and the cannabis community.
Heally – A doctor you can trust, right at your fingertips.