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About Us

How we help 


Accessing medicinal cannabis products has never been easier in many markets across Canada. We help you understand what is in the grey area, what is legal and what our services can provide each patient Canada wide once they receive there legal prescription.



Getting Legal Access to Medicinal Cannabis



Legal Prescriptions - Why its important

If you are in need of a Doctor who understands all the benefits of cannabis and is willing to review your health history, Go Greens Consulting is here for you. Many Canadian's suffering from a variety of medical issues and finding life saving relief with cannabis. If you have questions or need to access a doctor who is educated about the medicinal properties of this life saving plant, contact Go Greens Consulting today. 

Our team of professionals will book you in within 3 to 5 business days once you request for an appointment. We will help you from start to finish to obtaining your prescription and make sure you get treated fairly.


If you have any questions or want to start your application now, please email us at or call us toll free at 1-833-444-2873


Go Greens Consulting now offers Medical Marijuana Certifications in Fort McMurray


Fort McMurray residents seeking balance and wellness in life can now acquire medical marijuana recommendations through Go Greens Consulting. Go Greens team members follow particular tenets including respect, discretion and compassion. Each staff member treats patients with kind understanding, assisting them with whatever questions or concerns they may have regarding cannabis and their chronic conditions. The Go Greens Consulting team looks forward to helping patients throughout Fort McMurray achieve healthier lifestyles!


Go Greens Consulting’s cannabis experts converse with patients regarding cannabis’ cultivars, its legislation and its methods of use. Patients equipped with a working knowledge of cannabis can understand the plant’s effects to combat their chronic conditions safely and effectively. Patients who understand cannabis can also select more effective treatments for themselves among the plethora of options made available.


Go Greens Consulting is a digital clinic, which means that patients consult with the cannabis doctors over the phone or via the Internet. This clinic also strives every day to ensure patient safety by encrypting their information across every channel. To get started on your journey toward a better tomorrow, contact Go Greens Consulting today.



The procedure to obtain a medical marijuana recommendation through Go Greens Consulting in Fort McMurray is simple for patients. First, they should gather pertinent medical documentation describing their chronic conditions scheduling an appointment with Go Greens Consulting. During the appointment, a state-certified cannabis doctor will review patients’ information and assess those who are qualified with recommendations. Go Greens Consulting will also assist patients in registering with one of Canada’s Licensed Producers so that patients may order their treatments for shipment through the mail.


Local Legislation:

Fort McMurray’s medical marijuana legislation states that patients must prove that they suffer from a debilitating condition that results in severe nausea, seizures, appetite loss or pain among others. To learn whether you qualify for cannabis use, contact the helpful folks at Go Greens Consulting.


Service Locations:

Go Greens Consulting services patients from Cheecham and Anzac to Tar Island and Fort Mackay. Instead of taking an incredibly lengthy journey down Highway 63 to Edmonton to speak with a cannabis doctor, Go Greens Consulting can connect patients with its doctors digitally. Patients can obtain medical marijuana recommendations from medical cannabis experts from the comfort of their own homes.


Location Information:

Fort McMurray locals love the Oil and Sands Discovery Centre off of Mackenzie Boulevard. This great facility is located in the heart of the world’s single largest oil deposit, the Athabasca Oil Sands. Oil and Sands Discovery Centre offers visitors education, awareness and exhibits on the site’s history as well as its multiple technologies. MacDonald Island Park is another of Fort McMurray’s fun spots. This water park has a lazy river, indoor pool, climbing wall, frozen yogurt, and more.


10:00am -  10:00pm
10:00am -  10:00pm
10:00am -  10:00pm
10:00am -  10:00pm
10:00am -  10:00pm
10:00am -  10:00pm
10:00am -  10:00pm
Fort McMurray, AB, T9H
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