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Garrett Treatment Center

233 E Alder St. Suite A Oakland, MD 21550 - Doctor

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Oakland Doctor - Garrett Treatment Center

About Us

Garrett Treatment Center now offers Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Oakland


Dr. Richard Perry and his Oakland staff at the Garrett Treatment Center are excited to offer patients an alternative pathway to healthier living with medical marijuana recommendations. Garrett Treatment Center is an outpatient opioid treatment program that utilizes suboxone, vivitrol, and now medical marijuana recommendations to assist people struggling with the disease of addiction. Garrett Treatment Center also works with patients afflicted by chronic pain who require ongoing narcotic medications in a managed environment. For those in Oakland affected by severe or chronic pain, Dr. Richard Perry at the Garrett Treatment Center stands as the optimal choice.


The medical staff running Garrett Treatment Center in Oakland also works with patients to educate them regarding cannabis and its cultivars, legislation, and various methods of use. Garret Treatment Center’s phenomenal team recognizes that patients empowered by medical cannabis knowledge can approach the plethora of medical marijuana treatment options with confidence; they know which cultivar to look for, in which form, and of what strength.


Dr. Richard Perry has spent 30 years in emergency medicine, pain management, and addiction treatment. Dr. Perry’s expertise and boundless compassion render him the foremost resource for excellent medical marijuana care throughout all of Maryland. And for those living in Oakland, Garrett Treatment Center is just next door.



Prospective patients interested in acquiring a medical marijuana certification through Garrett Treatment Center are first encouraged to gather pertinent medical documentation describing their chronic conditions. Then, patients must contact Garrett Treatment Center to schedule an appointment with Dr. Perry. He will then review patients’ medical information and assess those who are qualified with certifications. The Garrett Treatment Center will also assist its patients in registering with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission so they can receive registry identification. When patients have a recommendation and registry identification, then they may purchase their treatments across the state.


Local Legislation:

Law involving medical marijuana in Maryland states that patients must prove they suffer from a debilitating ailment including severe pain, appetite loss, or nausea, among other conditions, in order to qualify for cannabis use. If you’re curious about whether you qualify for medical marijuana use in Maryland, contact the helpful folks at the Garrett Treatment Center in Oakland. They are more than happy to help.


Service Locations:

Oakland residents can locate Garrett Treatment Center off East Alter Street as it intersects with the thoroughfare South 3rd Street. Patients from the western side of the Youghiogheny River to eastern reaches Loch Lynn Heights and beyond can all now seek premier medical marijuana care through the Garrett Treatment Center in Oakland.


Location Information:

Oakland’s locals often point to the Swallow Falls State Park as the perfect afternoon getaway. Beautiful in every season, this great park offers its visitors three waterfalls and a litany of trails to enjoy. The Deep Creek Lake State Park, another of Oakland’s natural beauties, is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway filled with skiing, boating, hiking, and swimming!



8:30am -  4:00pm
8:30am -  4:00pm
8:30am -  4:00pm
233 E Alder St. Suite A
Oakland, MD, 21550
Member Since
October 19th, 2017

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