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​Celeste Taylor MD

2457 S Telshor Ave Las Cruces, NM 88011 - Doctor

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Las Cruces Doctor - ​Celeste Taylor MD

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Please call 915-267-7536
Board Certified In Internal Medicine

About Us

Dr. Celeste Taylor is a Las Cruces Medical Marijuana Doctor

Dr. Celeste is a New Mexico marijuana doctor committed to bringing the Las Cruces community quality health and wellness through cannabis. As a patient herself she can empathize with the patients she treats in her Las Cruces marijuana clinic. New Mexico marijuana Patients seeking an alternative to pharmaceuticals and opioids have the doctor to count on. Her thirty years of experience in the medical field makes her a well-rounded physician, and she is excited to combine holistic treatment options with her extensive knowledge in nutrition to develop treatment plans that uniquely address her patient's needs. Las Cruces patients have the opportunity to connect with a committed and caring New Mexico marijuana doctor. Dr. Celeste Taylor has been serving the New Mexico community for the last twenty-five years and loves every one of it’s citizens. She invites Las Cruces to come to her marijuana clinic to get the help they need through cannabis.

Her service is unparalleled, and this marijuana clinic offers their cannabis patients compassionate and individualized care. The marijuana doctor’s customer service is outstanding, and evaluations have a one-on-one dynamic. During the evaluation, Las Cruces patients have their needs met and concerns listened to, every marijuana patient receives a personalized approach. As a board certified physician in Internal Medicine, Dr. Celeste offers comprehensive evaluations that look into many more health aspects than the general New Mexico marijuana clinic. The doctor accepts patients by appointment only, and she will spend as long as needed to assess and aid her clients properly. The marijuana doctor will provide her advice on which strains patients should use, and how to cook with their cannabis. Dr. Celeste keeps her wealth of knowledge and experience as an open source for her patients. New Mexico cannabis patients are welcomed to contact her with follow-up questions post-examination. La Cruces cannabis patients in need of a renewal are welcomed to visit her medical cannabis practice and renew their recommendation for $100. Ensuring her Las Cruces marijuana patients have the education and resources they need to improve their life with cannabis is Dr. Celeste’s mission.

Dr. Celeste Taylor has been part of the New Mexico community for many years and has brought health and healing to many of its members. She earned her Bachelors in Nutrition and completed her internal medicine residency at the University of Minnesota and trained at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. What brought medical marijuana to the attention of Dr. Celeste was her own phenomenal experiences with it. She became a cannabis patient after being diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis and told she would never walk again. After making the switch to cannabis, she is now not only walking but out of retirement and serving the New Mexico cannabis community through her marijuana clinic. As a retired gastrologist, she has returned to the medical field to share marijuana with those in need.

Local Legislation:
The New Mexico Department of Health established the Medical Cannabis Program for their citizens in need. New Mexico was the 12th state to legalize medical cannabis and did so through the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act in 2007. Qualifying patients that are New Mexico residents are allowed to possess and consume the legal amount of medical marijuana. To qualify, the patient needs a signature from a provider with prescribing authority certifying that the patient qualifies for the program.

Service Location:
Dr. Celeste Tayloris happy to offer medical cannabis evaluations to Las Cruces patients from all neighborhoods and communities. Those in West Las Cruces neighborhoods; Mesilla, Rassaf Hills, and Picacho Hills are welcomed to this New Mexico marijuana clinic. Folks seeking a marijuana doctor in East Las Cruces neighborhoods Sonoma Ranch, High Range and The Pueblos can schedule an appointment with Dr. Celeste for their cannabis evaluation. Patients in Soledad Canyon, Organ Mesa Ranch, and University Park can connect with the experienced cannabis physician of this marijuana clinic. Las Alturas and La Tierra Escondido residents considering medical marijuana are invited to have their examination here. Potential patients in northern communities of Las Cruces such as Alamogordo and Ruidoso can set up a time to see Dr. Celeste for their medical cannabis evaluation.

Location Information:
Las Cruces or the “City of the Crosses” serves as the county seat of Dona Ana County, New Mexico. The Organ Mountains tower above Las Cruces and through the Southern area of New Mexico. New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum displays hands-on exhibits as well as artifacts and livestock. Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park is the preservation of a desert forest located along the bank of the Rio Grande.

7:00am -  8:00pm
7:00am -  8:00pm
7:00am -  8:00pm
7:00am -  8:00pm
7:00am -  8:00pm
7:00am -  8:00pm
7:00am -  8:00pm
2457 S Telshor Ave
Las Cruces, NM, 88011
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May 1st, 2017

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