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By Appointment only: East London, ON N6C 6B4 - Doctor

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East London Doctor - Cannabis Supply Co

About Us

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Your prescription is in the mail.

At the Cannabis Supply Company we support the use of medical cannabis and it’s benefits.

We are a patient consultation centre and retailer of all medical cannabis supplies.

Our clinic can help you obtain a Health Canada approved medical cannabis license.

Private telemedicine appointments available with licensed Medical Doctors from Ontario.

Contact us today to apply for your cannabis prescription.

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Cannabis Supply Co. is a Guelph Medical Marijuana Doctor Clinic

Cannabis Supply Co. is a medical marijuana doctors’ office opening soon in London Ontario. As a licensed facilitator, their compassionate doctors and staff are available to guide patients at every step of their journey to wellness through medical cannabis.

The Cannabis Supply Co. has partnered with several licensed producers which sends cannabis directly to registered patients. They realized many people were confused and overwhelmed by how complicated Health Canada had made the medical marijuana application process, and resolved to do something about it. Assembling a group of compassionate and qualified licensed Ontario doctors, Cannabis Supply Co. began to offer medical cannabis consultations and prescriptions as a part of their existing medical marijuana paraphernalia retail store.

The staff and medical marijuana doctors of Cannabis Supply Co. passionately believe in medical cannabis as a treatment for many conditions, and all are highly educated in their field and dedicated to sharing their information with any curious patient. They’re well-researched on everything concerning medical marijuana’s legality in Canada, and safely and reliably guide their patients along a path to registration that’s safe and compliant. The doctors of Cannabis Supply Co. are happy to patiently explain how medical marijuana differs in strains, consumption methods and how cannabis may work as a suitable treatment for a patient’s conditions.

The physicians of Cannabis Supply Co. take appointments on Tuesdays and Saturdays following the 2-3 week registration process after the in-person application. Through their association with Tilray, their compassionate program helps patients in hard financial situations access reduced prices for medical cannabis prescriptions based on their overall household income. Renewal prescriptions are offered at a reduced rate after the first prescription, and patients questions are welcome at any time. Applications to be seen by one of Cannabis Supply Co’s doctors must be made in person.

10:00am -  6:00pm
10:00am -  6:00pm
10:00am -  6:00pm
10:00am -  6:00pm
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By Appointment only:
East London, ON, N6C 6B4
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January 26th, 2017

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