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250-D Boulevard Ford Châteauguay, Quebec QC J6J 4Z2 - Doctor

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Châteauguay Doctor - Cannabis Advocates

About Us

Cannabis Advocates Provides Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Châteauguay

Cannabis Advocates now offers medical marijuana recommendations to Quebec residents in Châteauguay. Lead by physicians with nearly two decades of experience in their fields, Cannabis Advocates has set out to improve the lives and well-being of as many Canadians as possible by providing them with cannabis education and a means to legally and safely access medical cannabis through Licensed Commercial Producers. Fully ACMPR-compliant, Cannabis Advocates cares about its patients and whether their prescribed medications are actually beneficial. After all, the founders of Cannabis Advocates launched this service from a similar place of firsthand experience. They know what it’s like to slog through palms full of pharmaceuticals day in and day out to fight chronic ailments. Cannabis Advocates understands the tolls those pharmaceuticals can take on the body, too. But most of all, Cannabis Advocates know what it feels like to come out the other side happier and healthier and virtually pill free. So here they are, compassionately and empathetically helping others in Châteauguay through that very same journey.

Cannabis Advocates makes the medical marijuana recommendation process simple for Canadians living in Châteauguay. First, a prospective patient must schedule an appointment with Cannabis Advocates either over the phone or through their online portal. (Note that Cannabis Advocates does not require patients bring their medical records to their consultation.) Next, the Cannabis Advocates physician may assess the patient for a medical marijuana recommendation, and assist the patient in choosing and registering with a Licensed Commercial Producer of medical marijuana. Once registered, the patient is then able to place orders, which will arrive via mail.

Local Legislation:
Medical marijuana legislation in Canada was introduced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on April 13, 2017.This bill aimed to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. It passed and will go into effect by July 1, 2018.

Service Locations:
Cannabis Advocates is located on Boulevard Ford as it intersects with Boulevard Pierre Boursier. East of the 132 and just north of the 30, Cannabis Advocates welcomes any and all Canadians who may be interested in pursuing alternative, holistic methods of treatment. Even if you live on the opposite side of the Châteauguay River near Le Bassin or Rue Principale, take a quick drive down Boulevard D’Anjou or the 132 to reach Cannabis Advocates’ front doors. They will make you feel comfortable and welcome in their offices.

Location Information:
Châteauguay, Quebec is home to some seriously delicious food. El Cactus on Salaberry offers some of the most delectable tapas imaginable, and Le Lotus on Boul D’anjou offers unparalleled Vietnamese food. Be sure to give the much-lauded spring rolls a shot. Nature-loving Canadians ought to treat themselves to the Reserve Faunique Marguerite d’Youville where one can spot and photograph majestic Great Gray Owls. Not only that, but the natural pathways carved throughout the reserve are worth an afternoon or two of hiking. And for families: Quillorama Châteauguay, a bowling alley locals rave about, perfect for birthday parties and bumper-to-bumper bowling fun.

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250-D Boulevard Ford
Châteauguay, Quebec, QC J6J 4Z2
Member Since
July 31st, 2017

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