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4.2 stars

thumbs up

great people and the Dr are to the point on prescriptions and dosage never have i had any issues with them

Great job keep up the great work

Im great full for having my medical marijuana license its has done so much for me... The one thing I don't understand is why the Government is trying to stop the medical marijuana shops from serving their patients.. It's not east when u are on assistance and when you order off line it cost a arm and a leg so please I wish you the best and I hope that the Government would help out their medical patients and not shut them down every chance they get

Helpful and respond quickly to questions

Nice clinic and the specialist Dwight who helped me was attentive, knowledgeable and quick to respond to my emails and set up my appointment. Registration with licensed producer was done for me immediately after the doctor prescribed my medicine, and Dwight carefully walked me through the process of ordering and using the products. Would highly recommend this clinic to anyone considering cannabis for help with chronic pain.

Need medicinal cannabis? Look no further.

I'm convinced the most difficult part of attaining a MMJ (This is what the government calls a "weed card" but the word "marijuana" is out of use and seen as racists so don't hate) is finding the right place to help you get it. If you have a doctor willing to refer you for cannabis treatment, this is the place. They're friendly, efficient and the doctor I spoke to via computer was pleasant with a good sense of humour. I believe he was a retired thoracic surgeon if I'm not mistaken. I was nervous but there was absolutely no reason to be. It was like a more relaxed, regular doctor visit. The decor, manner and dress of the clinicians showed a professional clinic as well. Apply; have your physician fill out the referral form then fax; wait for your appointment then attend. Done.

Not as complicated as you might think!

Have been working with Bodystream for a year now. Definitely the place to go if your GP is against medical marijuana. You can start process online, fill in a very detailed medical history, upload it and if you qualify you have your first appointment and you will leave with your script and a list of dispensaries to choose from in order to purchase your medication. You will return quarterly for renewals and changes if required. The frontline staff are great, professional and courteous at all times. They don’t seem to mind helping you out if you call with questions at any time either. They also seem to have a great sense of humour when dealing with the odd oddball such as myself :) The new location is better for parking and I personally find it a little more confidential. I can’t rate pricing as they do not dispense (as of my last appointment anyways) but they do try to help you find the least expensive dispensary and encourage you to seek the compassionate discounts.

No help at all (no stars if I could)

I contacted Bodystream through email to see if I could possibly obtain a medical license for cannabis, bypassing my doctor since he says it causes cancer. Interested mostly for headaches/migraines & anxiety. They responded quickly (+1), & after giving them the info they requested to setup an initial appointment, I was met by the brick wall of “You must have a referral from your doctor being under 25.” Well so much for that since it causes cancer. My doctor will give me pills instead. I thought the point of these third party businesses was to obtain info & see if marijuana is the right choice for your condition when you have no other way of doing so. They have not responded to my email mentioning that same point for over month. I guess I’ll just have to wait until next summer to legally use cannabis recreationally even though it’s for medical purposes.

Get your FREE medical prescription here

Friendly staff, very easy process. From first email to getting my free prescription it took less than two weeks. I wish I had known about this place before I wasted 250$ on my first script. I would recommend this place to anyone. Clinic on wharncliffe.