Be Legally Green - Hayward

1.6 stars by 2 reviews
doctorHayward, CAmedical
(650) 669-4062
Closed10:00am - 5:00pm

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1.6 stars


Wasnt even open even when weedmaps said they were open

You'll regret it

The lady at the front desk is very kind. But other then that the doctor who verifys you and give you your recommendation is very uptight. From when we both at down and started to talk. He just had a blank look on his face as if everything i was saying was going in out ear and out the other.. While in the conversation when im telling him where i have pain in my kneww, he stands up and ask to check where i had pain. So then i let him, and he just put slight pressure on it, and what not to see if it hurt. But it didnt hurt. And before all of that pain checking he did, i told him i get the pain in my knee when im stand for long periods of time and when im skateboard, also that i have slight anger issues. Then he continued about other stuff that wasnt about the situation on why i was there to get my recommendation. And after it all i got ONLY a 2 MONTH recommendation, and paid full price. I was outraged when i left. I suggest you get your recommendation else where. The prices arnt ever worth it!