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Athena Certification Center

110 W. Main St Fayette, OH 43521 - Doctor

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Fayette Doctor - Athena Certification Center

First-Time Patients

Welcome to Athena Certification Center. All new patients and renewals are welcomed at Athena. All you need to do is set up an appointment, have one of the State qualifying conditions, medical records, and a valid Ohio state ID. We are by appointment only. We often are able to do same day appointments. If not we'll try, and get you in as early as possible.


At this time we are preparing for our soft opening Friday March, 23rd. We will be open that Friday from 12- 6pm and the following day Saturday the 24th from 10-6pm. In prepartion for the day we are now scheduling appointments for the 23rd and the 24th of March. At Athena our goal has always been providing quality care for our patients. That can be seen in the compassion we have for our patients as well as our commitment to services that are FAR more reasonably priced than our competitors. We've seen the prices of some other doctors clinics and in our opinion we could NEVER charge you that much. CALL NOW TO FIND OUT OUR OPENING DISCOUNTS AND PRICES FOR THE MONTH OF MARCH!!!!

About Us

Athena Certification Center is Medical Marjiuana Doctors Clinic. Having serviced the Mid & Lower Michigan area. Athena doctors and staff are very educated on the Medicinal uses of Marijuana. It is with much pride that we now extend that expertise to the State of Ohio. Where we will be offering Ohio patients who have one or more of the 21 qualifying medical conditions under Ohio law access to the Medicinal Marijuana. Patients are required to submit medical records prior or at the time of their appointment. 


Athena Certification Center now offers Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Fayette


Residents of Fayette looking to achieve healthful balance through the educated use of medical marijuana can now obtain medical marijuana recommendations through Athena Certification Center. This clinic’s wonderful staff is led by an Otolaryngologist with more than 35 years of experienced medical care under his belt. He understands chronic pain and its interaction with medical cannabis and has made it his goal to provide as many Fayette natives with the opportunity to pursue healthier and happier living through cannabis.


Athena Certification Center’s stellar staff introduces each of its patients to medical cannabis by providing invaluable cannabis education. That is, Athena Certification’s medical cannabis experts sit down with patients to teach them about the various cannabis cultivars, cannabis legislation, and about the most effective methods of administering cannabis treatments. No corner of cannabis is left untouched and undiscussed; patients at Athena Certification Center in Fayette are encouraged to voice their concerns about the plant. This clinic’s level of compassion is incredibly heartwarming, allowing for patients to ask questions of the medical staff without fear of judgement.


Fayette's Athena Certification Center’s medical team is as robust as its experience is deep. And better yet, their pricing is the most affordable throughout Ohio, making them a must-visit for those in search of healthier living!



The procedure for obtaining a medical marijuana through Athena Certification Center in Fayette is simple for prospective patients. First, Athena Certification Center encourages its potential patients to gather relevant medical documentation before scheduling an appointment for a consultation. There, patients will be assessed with medical cannabis certifications.


Patients must also register with Ohio’s State Board of Pharmacy in order to receive registry identification. Athena Certification Center can assist patients through this process as well.


Local Legislation:

Laws regarding medical cannabis in Ohio state that patients must prove that they suffer from a debilitating condition including cancer, hepatitis C, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and seizures, among other ailments. Ohio also requires that all of its medical cannabis patients register with the state’s Board of Pharmacy before purchasing cannabis from dispensaries.

Service Locations:

Prospective patients residing all across Fayette, Ohio now have local access to superb medical marijuana care at Athena Certification Center. Patients can locate it off Ohio State Route 20 as it intersects with Fayette Street. The clinic has plenty of parking so patients need not worry about locating a spot. From Pioneer to Lyons and beyond, no clinic can offer such robust and expert care as Athena Certification Center.


12:00pm -  6:00pm
10:00am -  6:00pm
110 W. Main St
Fayette, OH, 43521
Member Since
February 23rd, 2018

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