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Jonesboro doctor- Arkansas Progressive Medicine

First-Time Patients

Please bring copies of your medical records that support your qualifying condition(s) with you to your office visit. The cost of your visit will be $250.  The office visit fee is due at the time of service.  We accept cash, debit cards, and credit cards.  We do not file insurance and we do not accept checks.

About Us

Qualifying Conditions

1) Cancer

2) Intractable Nausea

3) HIV+ status/AIDS

4) Hepatitis C

5) Ulcerative Colitis

6) Crohn's Disease

7) Alzheimer's Disease

8) Tourette's Syndrome

9) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

10) Persistent Muscle Spasms

11) Severe Arthritis

12) Epilepsy/Seizures

13) Peripheral Neuropathy

14) ALS - Lou Gerig's Disease

15) Intractable Pain

16) Fibromyalgia

17) Glaucoma

18)  Wasting syndrome


The Arkansas Health Department has begun issuing MMJ cards.  We should hopefully have some dispensaries opening in late March or early April 2019.

Arkansas Progressive Medicine is happy to bring relief and education regarding medical cannabis to Jonesboro and the rest of Arkansas. Our doctor understands that patients place their faith and trust in Arkansas Progressive Medicine - Jonesboro. Our clinic has a staff with decades of experience in the medical field. Their medical assistant has been in the field for over 20 years and is pleased to offer close, personal care. This cannabis clinic is proud to be one of the few practices offering medicinal marijuana certifications, and are committed to providing help and relief one patient at a time.



The physician of Arkansas Progressive Medicine attended medical school at the University of Arkansas and completed his residency in Family Medicine. Practicing Family medicine since 1995, he is excited to incorporate medical marijuana into his practice of medicine. Seeing how cancer and Parkinson's patients were able to manage their conditions after using medical cannabis inspired the him to look into cannabis further. He took that opportunity to research how medical marijuana clinics are run, and was excited and inspired by the possibilities. He then continued to research and develop while in Florida, gathering information on medical cannabis from states that already have an established system for managing cannabis. Very few practices, if any, have done any research on medical marijuana, but Arkansas Progressive Medicine is proud to bring that level of care and knowledge to Arkansas.


Local Legislation:

By Issue 6 passing in the State of Arkansas the responsibility of rulemaking, issuance of Registry Identification Cards, tracking of dispensed marijuana and other operations belongs to the Arkansas Department of Health or the ADH.  Under the amendment of Issue 6 qualifying patients and caregivers can apply to receive Registry Identification Cards from the ADH. Information regarding medical marijuana’s suggested regulation can be found on, and medical cannabis patients should visit the ADH website as well as consult with their marijuana doctor to stay up to date on developing regulations.


Service Location:

Arkansas Progressive Medicine is located in Jonesboro and is very close to Arkansas State University. The clinic is located on East Matthews Avenue, blocks away from St. Bernards Medical Center and St Bernards Health and Wellness Institute. Arkansas Progressive Medicine is proud to offer their medical marijuana evaluations and services to the people of Arkansas.


Location Information:

Located in Craighead County, Arkansas, Jonesboro is a city that is home to the A-State or Arkansas State University campus. A-State’s campus is home to First National Bank Arena and the Centennial Bank Stadium and is home to the football team, the Arkansas State Red Wolves. Get lost in the woods at Craighead Forest Park a lush area with trails and offering fishing and camping sites.

Hours Of Operation

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