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About Us

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Accessing medicinal cannabis products has never been easier in many markets across Canada. We help you understand what is in the grey area, what is legal and what our services can provide each patient Canada wide once they receive there legal prescription.



Getting Legal Access to Medicinal Cannabis



Legal Prescriptions - Why its important

If you are in need of a Doctor who understands all the benefits of cannabis and is willing to review your health history, Alpha Cure Consulting is here for you. Many Canadian's suffering from a variety of medical issues and finding life saving relief with cannabis. If you have questions or need to access a doctor who is educated about the medicinal properties of this life saving plant, contact Alpha Cure Consulting today. 

Our team of professionals will book you in within 3 to 5 business days once you request for an appointment. We will help you from start to finish to obtaining your prescription and make sure you get treated fairly.


If you have any questions or want to start your application now, please email us at or call us toll free at 1-833-444-2873


Alpha Cure Consulting now offers Medical Marijuana Certifications in Edmonton


Edmonton residents in search of balance and wellness through safe and effective alternative means can now obtain medical marijuana recommendations through Alpha Cure Consulting online. This virtual clinic’s medical team abides by its chief tenets of respect, discretion, and compassion.


Alpha Cure’s team works closely with all of its patients to help them with any questions or concerns that they may have. And better yet, Alpha Cure Consulting’s cannabis experts can assist patients in growing their own medicine, too!


Alpha Cure Consulting’s robust team of medical cannabis experts also helps patients by empowering them with cannabis education. Alpha Cure’s invaluable cannabis education includes information about the plant’s cultivars, methods of use, and even its legislation. The medical team running Alpha Cure recognizes that patients need a working knowledge of medical marijuana to most effectively utilize it. The staff at Alpha Care endeavor daily to enable their patients to tackle their chronic ailments with confidence.


Patients who use Alpha Cure Consulting online to acquire medical marijuana certifications can rest assured that their information is protected by way of complex encryption. Edmonton residents can contact Alpha Cure Consulting for stellar medical marijuana care today.



The procedure for acquiring medical marijuana recommendations through Alpha Cure Consulting throughout Edmonton is expedited to maximize patient satisfaction. Patients are encouraged to gather pertinent medical documentation describing their chronic conditions first. Then, patients need to contact Alpha Cure Consulting online to schedule an appointment with a state-approved cannabis doctor who will assess qualified patients with medical cannabis certifications.


Alpha Cure Consulting will then help patients through the process of connecting with a Licensed Producer so that they can purchase their cannabis treatments for immediate shipment through the mail.


Local Legislation:

Edmonton’s medical marijuana laws state that patients must be afflicted by a debilitating condition that results in severe pain, depression, nausea, and anxiety, among many others, in order to qualify for cannabis use. If you’re curious about your eligibility, contact the helpful crew at Alpha Cure Consulting to learn more!


Service Locations:

Alpha Cure Consulting in Calgary treats patients from all across the region through its streamline digital doctor’s office. From Northeast Edmonton to Blue Quill and Sherwood Park and beyond, Alpha Cure Consulting stands as Edmonton’s digital beacon of hope. And best of all, patients at Alpha Cure only need an internet connection or a smartphone to obtain recommendations from the comfort of their own homes.


Location Information:

Edmonton locals regard Winspear Centre as one of the region’s must-see acoustic masterpieces. This world-class concert hall houses the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and puts on a number of performances from famous musicians to wonderful plays and even award-winning stand-up! Another of Edmonton’s most popular destinations is the Muttart Conservatory, an innovative botanical garden created to further plant science in western Canada.


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Edmonton, AB, T6C
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