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Book through our website, fast and easy!

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Located inside the Palmetto General Hospital,

All-Pro Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Now Offers Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Hialeah

Residents of Florida in search of an alternative path to better, healthier living can now pursue medical marijuana recommendations through the expert hands of All-Pro Orthopedic & Sports Medicine in Hialeah. All-Pro abides by a patient-first philosophy. Their patients’ needs are important; they remain at their patients’ sides from the get-go to the finish line and beyond.

All-Pro Orthopedic & Sports Medicine began as an orthopedic and sports medicine venture. The founders set out to rejuvenate injured athletes, to help them manage the massive amounts of physical strain they put their bodies through. But an important piece was missing: medical cannabis. Following Florida’s movement into the legalization of medical marijuana, All-Pro jumped at the opportunity to further its rejuvenative work by implementing a medical marijuana recommendation program to assist its athletes and other patients in need.

Dr. John Childress, MD serves as All-Pro’s Director of Sports Medicine. With a dazzling medical pedigree that includes study and practice at Northeast Ohio Medical University, North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, New York, and the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Childress brings a vast amount of medical expertise and athletic understanding to his work at All-Pro. And he isn’t alone: Dr. Jesse Shaw, DO is a licensed orthopedic surgeon in both Georgia and Florida who specializes in surgery and the treatment of musculoskeletal problems; and Dr. Peter DiPaolo is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in treating neck and lower back pain. These experienced sports medicine specialists, among other medical professionals at All-Pro, understand how medically beneficial cannabis can be. So in an effort to take their pain management services to another level, they’ve included a medical marijuana recommendation service at All-Pro Orthopedic & Sports Medicine in Hialeah, Florida.

All-Pro Orthopedic & Sports Medicine keeps the process of acquiring a medical marijuana evaluation in Florida simple: they will be at your side from the start to even beyond the finish line. First, prospective patients should contact All-Pro to determine their qualifications for medical cannabis use. Then, patients must maintain a documentable relationship with an All-Pro doctor for at least 90 days. Afterward, the state-approved cannabis doctor may then assess patients for a medical marijuana recommendation. The All-Pro doctors will also assist their patients in filing with Florida’s Compassionate Use Registry so they may obtain their Registry ID cards. Once patients have their Registry IDs in hand, they may legally access medical marijuana statewide. For any further information, contact the amazing folks at All-Pro.

Local Legislation:
Florida medical cannabis legislation requires that patients establish a documentable relationship with a state-approved cannabis doctor for 90 days before receiving a recommendation. Also, patients must purchase their medical marijuana through MMTCs, or Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers. Legal forms of medical cannabis include edibles, extracts, topicals, tinctures, etc. Please be aware that Florida law does not allow for the smoking of medical cannabis.

Service Locations:
Conveniently located within the Palmetto General Hospital in Hialeah, All-Pro Orthopedic & Sports Medicine can assist prospective patients from anywhere in Hialeah and beyond. Those living in Opa-Locka, Pembroke Pines, and even Miami are more than welcome to stop by All-Pro for compassionate and incredibly experienced care. The heartfelt folks at All-Pro love what they do; those interested in seeking All-Pro’s sports medicine and pain management expertise from Doral, Miami Springs, and Kendall can take a short drive up I-826 to find what they’ve been seeking.

Location Information:
Hialeah rests just a few miles inland from Florida’s Miami Beach and offers residents and passersby alike a number of activities to pick and choose from. The Amelia Earhart Park located just off of East 65th Street is an idyllic park setting perfect for afternoon walks and family picnics beside its ponderous lake. They’ve also got a petting zoo, dog park, and bike trails! Those curious about Florida’s Everglades can catch a ride with Mack’s Fish Camp just off of Danell Lane. Mack’s guides know the Everglades inside and out — an experience worth reserving an afternoon for. If you’re looking to get your shopping on, the Westland Mall on West 49th Street has you covered; it has a food court, numerous boutiques, and reserved spaces for children to play in.

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7100 W 20th Ave, Suite 412
Hialeah, FL, 33016
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April 19th, 2017

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