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4.2 stars


Been a customer since it opened and now phenols as well but you guys are Goin down hill inventory that's old or never in Stock. I come form Fresno and will be looking soon for someone that keeps things in Stock or at least the menu updated. You were the best but have been declining for awhile.. Get more of the thc-a powder...

Good customer service

Always go there to re up and the bud tenders are nice and helpful.

misleading displays

bought an 8th of something that looked super duper super dense, i opened the mysteriously blackened out bottle and it lookes like a half oz, not in a good way airy fluffy buds no where close to what i was shown, lying blatantly, unprofessional and bad customer service.


I’ve been going to PCF for years since they opened up in Modesto. Today was my last visit there. I was treated terribly. When I asked the bud tender Joaquin C. if he could show me the flavors they had (there weren’t many) he replied with “I’m not gonna do that”. He was not knowledgeable at all. He was noticeably irritated and obviously high. When I left because he was no help and being rude I said “thank you but there’s nothing I want” and when I was walking away he told me to “come back” and asked me “what’s your problem with me”. That’s terrible customer service and I have never been treated like that at a place of business. What was he going to do? Jump from over the counter and punch me at work? Terrible service. Never going back because of how I was treated.

Honest Review

IF you are going to this place with one particular product in mind you may be sorely disappointed. They are not particularly known for being the best at keeping the menu up to date. With that said if you are willing to take the time to inspect what you are purchasing and make sure it fits your taste and budget than this is the best place in California. I say that because they truly are Patient Care First when it comes to pricing and have been for years. Be patient, take your time don't let them rush you and find what you want you will leave happy. Thank you PCF we need you !!!

horrible customer service

I've checked PCF menu multiple times and items they say they have they never do and when u go in and ask for them the bud tender literally just said to me..."oh we don't even update that thing." which is mind boggling how unprofessional u can be and careless....wasted my time and effort for no reason...

Banana split - Yummy

Phil was very helpful


Most of their products are expired spend your money on fresh goods.


awesome store I LOVE IT

Good service fake products

This place looks amazing but don’t be fooled they sell fake carts and will be gettin letters from lawyers smh it ain’t worth the pay back when u sell fake carts full with pesticides and chemicals you don’t even know what’s in the raw garden gpens,king pens, brass knuckles you guys are amateurs will be shut down soon !

Flavors is better...

I have visited PCF twice and before that I went to flavors all the time. when I arrived at PCF both times they were out of the carts I wanted but told me they were having a sale on bloom products so I asked to see those. He then turned around and told me they were out of those aswell. I asked how long it would be before they had more and he told me 5mins till they were in the system and they can sell....either this guy was fucked up or just stupid because after that he just avoided the topic and then proceeded to convince me to buy a G pen upon which I was satisfied until all 3 of the carts I bought leaked out over half leaving me with quarter grams instead of half, when I went to get fulls. I will not be returning to PCF for a very long time. I've had friends who work there and they have told me that the employees horde all the new products once they are in which is why they never have anything you want...


can't wait your finally here


Today I went to PCF for the first time. after many times at flavors I decided to check it out as I am always satisfied with their service. An extremely unpleasant woman checked me in and told me I cannot enter the dispensary as I am not a California resident, even though I presented her with my California medical card and my driver’s license, because I am only 20. This has never been a problem for me at flavors. I understand maybe the laws have changed in the last two weeks but this woman was extremely rude about it. Will definitely not be back lol

Always got the best deals

I always can count on finding what I need plus the people that work there ar friendly love this place.

Best Around

Fast friendly knowledgeable staff! Lowest prices! Great product! What more can you want!

Always Helpful

From the door everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. Clean and organized. I've never had a bad experience. Remember we're all human everyday isn't a great day. Smile and breathe

good product and good prices during 30% off

Joyce & Simon are the best bud tenders ask for them when you go in!


Great product good people and even better prices

Great day

I went into pcf today and my guy Gavohn hooked me up I told him how much money you had and he got me exactly my moneys worth he even showed me some of the best hidden gems like chocolate Malawi and Stone Age garden.

Wrong info

went in today asked about the green dragon wax was told theybwhere 24 a gram bought one got in the car opened it was so little wax in there then I looked at the box said .5 shoulda took my time and looked at the box myself When I was in there