Patient Care First

4.3 stars by 2140 reviews
dispensaryModesto, CArecreational
(209) 554-0802
Closed10:00am - 8:00pm

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4.3 stars

Bring The 30% OFF back NO CAP

Ridiculously high prices without the 30% and they stay giving out the undesirable inventory of the 209. Without the 30% off you are getting robbed at this place. Go to a legit dispensary where they actually care about you if they continue with this no sale BS. Y’all lost a customer until you change. No cap.

Great dispensary

Love this place and everyone is always friendly and knowledgeable 🤙🏽

PCF found bugs In my weed

I been going to PCF since they first open and everything seem to be great..well on the month of August I purchased a hi cotine by burner..and I usually always grind my weed..well not this time it was my last blunt and as I was breaking the nugg I see a black bug inside the weed I couldn’t believe what I was seeing..I reached out to management and all they did was exchange the product and they continued to have it out on the shelf...they said they would reach out to the distributor but when I asked I was told it was impossible to get a hold of him and that he wasn’t going to do anything about it please be aware that this dispensary obviously doesn’t care about the well-being of their patients..and even when aware of bad product they continue to make sales.

love this place

huge selection of concentrate! And tons of flower.

love coming here

I love coming here always friendly n helpful I drive like an hour and 20 mins to get here but well worth it I love all the options they have

Good people

Good prices great people what else can you Asfoor

Awesome selection!

This place always has what I’m looking for!

Great place

Kept me from taking a trip to LA to get some Marathon OG for Nip birthday. Great selection overall. Moon rocks are🔥🔥🏁🏁

The only place to go!

Ummm patient care first will rock your tits off! The vibe inside that place is totally stellar! From the greeting from the security guys (who do their job with a smile on their face in that tiny, wierd parking lot), to the girls behind the glass who take my ID (their nails are always done and they always greet you with a fucking smile) and then all the way to the back....oh man where to start.... the man. Like for real, whenever I come in you ask how I liked my product and you are always recommending great new top shelf products! Now on to my girl Sasha! Oh girl! You are a rock star of a bud tender and a damn great person! Thank you to you both for all the times you helped me out! Not only are the prices right at PCF but the people are too! You won't be disappointed with the service or the pricing here! And if you are...well then you are a stubborn old mule with no joy in your life PCF for life!

pcf Still grandfathered in

honestly even though the prices have changed I still feel grandfathered-in do y'all remember before PCF even existed in Stanislaus County how much was 1/8? boom! then PCF hits all of a sudden the prices drop all of a sudden every other club in town has people hating on them because of a low price. it's all gravy you could pay Weedmaps extra to have your little page in front of PCF page but at the end of the day people are still browsing to the back of the catalog to get the best prices. and Weedmaps reviews ain't s*** but a visual. it's just a place for adults to vent like little kids other than being grown ups and bringing a real problem to the real attention to a real owner I hope y'all little Medallion Wellness Jayden's journey and NRCrejects have an amazing day and keep spending all that dough on the exact same dro..... Real Eyes Realize Real Lies


Great prices awesome staff. Best in the 209 BY FAR!!!

wish i could trust u foxs runnin a henhouse

but i still remember what u did too me monthez ago i just went to one of your sister stores got burnt flav bublegum mixed with moldy dirt raw gaeden all out im feeling very unhappy im never buying from any dispensary again so thanks im glad i hate getting burnt enough to quit thanks assholes

To the haters in the reviews

Y’all just mad you can’t afford the flavors if you can’t afford good weed don’t smoke LOVE YALL AT PCF

Great prices but...

You guys really need to have sample jars for each flower product you have for sale so we can actually smell the product. Basically every dispensary I've gone to has these, so I was surprised to hear they didn't have any (at least for the 5+ strains I asked the budtender for). Prices are wonderful here which is why I was willing to make the 1+ hr drive. But not sure if I'll be making the drive again if there's no way to get a sense of what we are buying. Wasted a good bit of money on products I wouldn't of bought if I was able to smell them in store.

The best in the 209

Always fast and friendly service, only place i go to!


I am a brand ambassador for Heavy Hitters and today I got to host an demo here today. This place is definitely a great place to inform patients on products. They have amazing foot traffic and staff is very friendly.

Why not a point system?🤟

i mean people up in here All day anyway ?

Best place in California

This place is the best I no longer have to take out of my rent money to bye medication.they have the best deals every and even when there is no deals they have low pice shelf’s with top shelf quality tree.this place is the best and I recommend it to all my fellow cannabis consumers

pcf ceres

I love this place the best staff there so helpful. They have the best prices I've seen in valley. there flowers are really good but my fav is the cartridges.

Monday Tuesday-Saturday

Happy dayz again. These folks got it together. Super efficient and friendly. From the moment i walked I was treated respectfully even after i mistakenly tried to make a phone call (its a no no) and tried to exit thru the in door. I found my home Dispensary.