Maine’s Alternative Caring

4.7 stars by 132 reviews
dispensary Windham, Mainemedical
(207) 572-1603
Open Now 8:00am - 8:00pm
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4.7 stars

Stealing from customers

I was super happy with this shop until I realized every time I used their card reader at the counter they were rounding up to the next dollar in addition to the $3.75 fee so the last time I was in there I confronted them about it after my purchase and they said the card reader acts like an ATM so it rounds up to the next dollar and I said OK give me my change back and she threw up her hands and said she wasn't authorized to do that so I turned to the other lady and said you better give me my change or that is theft. Then I realized that is what they have been doing every time all of us slide our cards there. Never going back again. That is theft and against the law. Period.

Why not 5 stars

I have been at mac 4 times this summer and fall. I love the smell and taste of good trees recently all the strains has a gassy Terp profile. im more of a sweet citrus berry Terp profile for me. Well i purchased a slice of raspberry og i have to tell You that it wasnt sweet or raspberry tasting in anyway it didnt smell like anything didnt have a weed taste and the buzz was ok but my outdoor stuff was better. Also the bud tender didnt even suggest any strains for me . He had no personality at all seemed like he didnt want to be there cust service is a big key this kid had none.

Love this store

Great place, great people

Great edible selection

Nurse practitioner was very easy to talk to and made the process very smooth. Staff made great recommendations for what to try as a beginner. Will definitely visit again.

1st time

1st visit abt a week ago. Easy to find/park. Welcoming,non intimidating and great product selection.

Best deals

Been hitting the abundance of dispensarys around windham and mac by far has the best deals and the best selection. I will be returning


great service. my first time was lastnight and the young man was so helpful and full of knowledge. great incentives program, great business, and wonderful customer service. i will definitely be returning.


MAC- Hands down best selection in edibles and many optionz even cooking classes!! And 100% wins the halloween theme!!! And amazing daily specials.


great product great service

M.A.C. in Windham,ME.

Awesome Daily Specials....the best Ive seen. Friendly service, and they open HOURS before the others. when Im up, I need my Meds. kudos

One Stop Shop

MAC has all of your medicinal needs under one roof. A wide variety of flower at reasonable prices, medibles that work well at low dosages and taste amazing to relieve the worst type of pain, muscle spasms, insomnia. Their vapes are top quality. They always have a special, are very kind and as a medical patient, I can’t stress the affordability piece. So glad I found them.😇💯


awesome deals each day. great prices too.

Friendly Service, Great Price, Quality Products!

We were traveling and stopped in. Found new things to try. prices were great. Very friendly budtenders. Loved what I got. We will return! Thanks so much for a great experience.

MAC is the best

MAC has the best prices on edibles and flowers, and the best promos ! I come down every free joint Friday! And the staff is nice .

My favorite dispensary

Staff is always very kind and welcoming. I always ask for staff opinions and I always leave with exactly what I need. Store itself is super clean, and organized. Prices and products are visibly listed in more than one spot, which is much more convenient. Their loyalty / punch card program is really great, especially for those who use vape cartridges frequently. I will 100% recommend this store to anyone who asks!

Rude af and not accurate

Went in as a new customer/patient ready to purchase. I understand owners like to see familiar faces, and may even favor customers over new people. But I stood in line behind two friends of the owner as they were “shopping” strands and just chit chatting. The black haired woman (probs owner) just sat on her laptop scrolling. I stood there for 15 minutes being the only other patient in the store. Then- when it was my turn, a another couple came in and the owner hopped right up to help them during my turn. Not a lot of strand options- prices are wrong online and they don’t fix them, and they don’t give you a deal the more you purchase. Don’t go here these chicks don’t know what theyre doing


I have been in this shop many times. It's clean and the staff are wonderful. The products are great and the price are wonderful. I'd recommend anyone who has cannabis need to take the time and go to MAC.

1st Impressions

Place was super clean. Super comfortable. Everyone was informative, and helpful. Wide selection of products. Excited to try out the different nonsmokables. The prices are awesome for the product I've received. And their daily specials make it worth the drive.

one of the best places on 302

quality service, good products, really like the vape carts and the keef cones are awesome

shitty mids at best

A lot fuckery, mids at best! Misrepresented labeling, don't use the high time results on weed you grow you need to use a reliable lab with actual data. And learn organic methods i could taste the nutes! OH and thanks for the 3 seeds in that 1 gram bud.