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dispensaryWeed, CAmedical & recreational
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4.6 stars

Much love

Me and my wife came here from Susanville California we weren't even planning on going to this dispensary we ended up going a little getting out of town road trip just for the day and the direction we ended up going we came across the science and Mount Shasta and we decided to detour and see what's going on over in that direction in I'm glad we did because we came across this dispensary and weed California can't wait to see y'all next month got a lot of stocking up to do got a big role to take care of hopefully you'll have all the good specials never happened on the day me and my wife went out that way good work to the staff the two young ladies that were there that helped out keep up the good work

Wonderful Place!

From the moment you walk in the door, it’s a memorable experience. Great customer service, knowledgeable staff, and fair prices. This is definitely a quality place to stop by and grab some goodies.


Stopped by to purchase something in Weed California. Wanted to say I got some weed in Weed. The joke was on me. First off it was a bit hard to find with the app Leafly, no big deal. The menu was half blacked out due to "out of stock". Wasn't much to choose from. I can deal with that, no problem. The prices of what was left on the menu was rather high compared to other shops, and THC levels were nothing to talk about. Other stores have much higher levels reaching up to 30%. 14% is a bit low in my world. All in all it was an ok experience until I got home and found the container of flower was opened by someone else at the store. The seal was broken. HOW DO I KNOW ITS OK? Has it been tampered with? Is it a full 3.5 grams? Is it even the strain printed on the label? Upon looking at the receipt I noticed the prices of the items purchased was not on the edge of the paper. The printer was off and unable to print all the info needed. So in the end do I drive 422 miles to return it? No!

Never Disappointed here!

It’s my North/South Travel must stop each time. Always discover something new and continue to receive great service. I am for sure making my trip for 420. I truly enjoy the Kahna cartridges my fav!!!


Just love this place. Never disappointed when going here. Staff is always so helpful and knowledgeable.

I am not happy

It is not exactly their fault but since legalization I have lost almost all respect for this dispensary. No clones for almost a year. I just bought an 8th that literally almost half the weight is stem and water leaf worst trim job I ever seen. Quality has plummeted and price is to high. Street dealers are cheaper with better quality. it’s insane. Learn to grow yourself. I am a medicinal user. I feel like I was just ripped off. unacceptable. Unless they get clones back I am never buying from there again. You mean the dog pee I offered to clean. And I work in a actual hospital, I deal with life and death. your customers taking my parking for buying weed can cause a life so we have a problem with parking. you’re right there’s two sides to every story. I spent $20 in there this time. I have spent hundreds of dollars in that store. And more in mt Shasta. Don’t worry I won’t come back I have no need to. We have had issues because you have problems I want fixed. It’s funny does everyone that leaves a bad review get some kind of rebuttal from you trying to discredit them . The product was donated to a competitor so they can show your quality. The parking issues was about pet safety and insurance for our sick patients So they can have access to us without waiting on someone to leave with thier weed and a pet has a lower survival rate because of access as acting hospital manager these are problems I have to address and fix in order to maintain care to my patients having no understanding of this and just saying it’s public parking shows you who you are that’s why we have problems . This place is despicable I won’t come back. Be careful of saying anything negative about them They Will try to discredit you. SO EVERYONE KNOWS THE FULL STORY . Good luck to you. You should keep track of customer related and business, related things ,I do parking was business related notcustomer related so I didn’t say anything until you did.And when someone offered to clean something up and you said no it’s OK don’t try to hold It over their head.Wow this place is as crooked as it gets
La Florista Cannabis
Mt Shasta
Dear Chris, Your Review starts with its not exactly our fault. Well first thing anytime anyone purchases something they are unhappy with it is encouraged for you to return it. Second we have kept our prices as close to old school days as possible, but this facility was not opened prior to legalization, as you are already aware of due to the fact You work two doors down, Since we have been open you have come in 11 times and You and I have had personal issues from Public parking- to your dog urinating in my store in which you did not so much as offer to take care of (which I had to have the stain steam cleaned)- Clones are also part of legalization and there are not enough licensed Nurseries in the State to cover us all. This is being worked out and is not the blame of the facility. I have NEVER replied to a Review in this manner EVER! iTS ONLY FAIR THAT ANYONE ELSE READING THIS UNDERSTANDS THERE ARE TWO SIDES TO THIS STORY! You spent $20.00 with a 10% discount. You are welcome to come return the product if you did not smoke the unacceptable product, or you can get your money back and keep Your Promise. No I do not ever keep people from leaving there review and everyone has the right to there opinion. But YOU however is just quite a bit different. As for showing quality. its not mine it would be the quality of that company, which is the lowest grade cheapest we have on the shelf. I wont post here how much you've spent, Nor will we post how many times in the past you were given beyond normal compassion, discounts etc.....You are not worth the time and energy any longer. Best Regards,
Official Response
Harley Gato


Nicest place I have yet visited. Clean, modern, and bright. Staff knows their business and takes the time to answer your questions. If you are passing through this is worth the stop. Stopped on the way Back from Portland.


Best experience so far in a dispensary store. Very classy professional knowledgeable staff that answered all our questions. Very clean neat and organized. An extensive variety of products and competitive prices. Definitely worth the 8 hour drive from LA.

Liz, runs a smooth ship!

Best shop in area. You get your money worth! Keep up the good works Team.
Deacon frost

New Year Sale

Headed back South had to Stop in Weed California for the end of year celebration special. Picked up some Weed in Weed hoodies and gifts for the fam. I’ll be back again I really like shopping this spot it’s always a fun trip. Great service and friendly staff.

If you’re in Weed for weed, it’s a nice place

Stopped through here on a canna road trip a month ago. Was shocked to see so many of the previous dispensaries in this town fizzled after July 1! But this place is standing and if you’re in Weed and looking to partake in its namesake then it’s a perfectly good shop. Really big space that clearly has grander future plans. But in the meantime it’s a little half together feeling. Product and price wise, you will find a lot of choices at typical prices. I felt some Willies PreRolls I got as well as well as some of their other pre packaged products were being carried over from quite some time ago. But I was aware of that as I bought it. So my error in judgement. What I’m saying is, maybe stick to the fresher grass (not prerolls) and check edible dates, etc. Now while my review sounds persnickety. It’s not my intention as this is a lovely place. It just needs a little fine tuning and perhaps more sales to keep fresher products moving in as well as more knowledgeable and guiding staff.

Friendly and knowledgeable

My spouse and I recently passed through while on a road trip. We were both pleasantly surprised and delighted by the vast selection of their products. Very knowledgeable staff and friendly too. Highly recommended!! Thank you to the Security and wonderful staff. 🙂


What a great place! Special thanks to Alan for his patience and knowledge. He spent as much time as we needed filling us in on so many different questions. They are welcoming and kind and have a really nice store and great variety of product with good prices. Thanks again, we will be back the next time we are in Cali!

Great place

This was the most wonderful place to get abult meds and to get good information about anything u need for pain and help with sleep or any questions about medications
Deacon frost

Lucky Me

Stopped in after a referral from Mt. Shasta, It was a special event day up North I guess, I met some wonderful people and learned a lot of things and picked up some amazing specials for $2.00 I got an event bag, to my surprise it was worth at least $100! Lucky me, I’ll be returning soon you gotta visit Weed Ca...

great shop

Drove 237 miles this weekend just cause this the only club with moon rocks..very friendly staff, good prices , and deals . favorite club

False advertise prices and menu, Hidden price hike

Poor selection, and over priced. Bud tender had a very bad attitude, older woman with glasses. Hand picked the worst stuff on purpose it seemed. And taxed then taxed again. They should lower the price and include tax if thats the case! When i asked i was treated badly in my opinion and told "will we dont do tht so...." Security guard was the only kool person tht i interacted with. SMDH, FYI ive visited 100s of clubs in cali and OREGON. Bottom line. Only club in the area so tney feel they can do these poor sales tactics and get away scott free. I seriously dont believe 5 stars ratings are real. Probaly ppl who work for the owner. Go some place else if you want to feel good about your purchase. #realcustomer
La Florista Cannabis
Mt Shasta
It saddens me (the owner) to read such a review, We normally do not hand pick someone's medicine for them we have a wonderful sample try for you to view, smell and make your personal selection. As for taxes there is a sales tax and the new California excise tax that is required to be itemized on every receipt. We have some products listed that say OTD Out the door price, others are plus tax. We choose to remain very State compliant as this is mandatory. Our pricing is some of the best in the north state especially now get an 8th for $1.00 with a purchase of another from Flow Kana. Our employees do not and are not allowed to leave reviews. Although I am responding full disclosure should be you admitted to being an employee of a competing collective, as you know there are 4 collective within a 12 mile radius, you also had very harsh words towards your ex coworker who works for our company now for over a year. As professional as I choose to be, putting a vindictive review on our account filled with false information is beyond unprofessional and we choose to rise above and stay on a higher level.
Official Response

Among friends

The staff has been the best, and when ever I go in it feels more like cheers A place where every one knows my name

Selection has grown

Stopped in for the new flower arrivals and to my surprise the retail gift section, last minute birthday gift right there in front of my eyes. No driving to Yreka, it was tissue wrapped and placed in a gift bag, really just add milk lol , and I would have a one stop shop. Thank you for being here La Florista Cannabis Boutique!
Papa Bear Cali

Very bomb flower

I was working in Yerka and drove the 20 mins south to Weed, called for directions, staff was supper helpfully. check in was quick and easy, staff was friendly. the staff in the back was super knowledged on the flower they had. will definitely stop by again if I'm passing through Weed,CA, thank you again Staff