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Minden Dispensary - Königstor Apotheke

About Us

Königstor Apotheke is a Minden Medical Marijuana Pharmacy


Königstor Apotheke is thrilled to provide the Minden community of medical marijuana patients with friendly, personalized service catering towards specific ailments. Serving as more than a pharmacy, this Minden medical marijuana pharmacy exceeds industry standards providing patients with services like checking cholesterol levels, first-aid preparedness, vaccinations, blood pressure test, bone quality test, vein measurements, Body Mass Index, diabetes, prenatal care, skin care services, equipment rental, and veterinary solutions for your four-legged companion.



The Minden medical marijuana dispensary is committed to educating their Halle medical marijuana patients on the benefits of cannabis.  These cannabis experts are well-trained to advise patients on all prescription and non-prescription medicines and provide knowledgeable answers to any questions. Königstor Apotheke prioritizes the health of their cannabis clientele and offers professional consultations characterized by expertise, empathy, friendliness, and discretion. They strive to continue educating the Minden marijuana communities on the medicinal benefits of cannabis products.


Königstor Apotheke provides an overview of emergency pharmacies open past regular hours for patients who seek after hour support.  They also offer a courier service, free of charge for VIVAS customers. Patients who place their orders by 4 pm will receive their medicine on the same day.


Service Location

Königstor Apotheke proudly assists the medical cannabis communities near Minden including Rodenbeck, Butzen, Leteln, Aminghausen, Cammer, Papinghausen, Frille, Evesen, Rocke, Petzen, Wulpke, Lohfeld, Neesen, Eicksen, Hehlen, Hartum, Sudhemmern, Im Tannen, Brede, Stemmer, Todtenhausen, Friedewalde, Hespe, Volmerdingsen, Werste, Rehme, Eidinghausen, Kostedt, Holzhausen, Wulpke, Quetzen, Timpen, Rusbend, Meinsen, Warber, Hahlen, Hartum, and Selliendorf.


Location Information

Minden is a quaint town located in the north-east of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.  It is the capital of the district of Minden-Lübbecke, part of the region of Detmold. This 1,200-year-old town has preserved numerous Weser Renaissance style buildings and their symbolic 1000-year-old cathedral. The Minden Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church dedicated to Saints Gorgonius and Peter. In 803 A.D., after Charlemagne conquered the area, the Minden Cathedral became the center of a diocese and the center of a small sovereign state until it was secularized as the Principality of Minden until 1806. The Minden Cathedral currently belongs to the diocese of Paderborn.


8:00am -  8:00pm
8:00am -  8:00pm
8:00am -  8:00pm
8:00am -  8:00pm
8:00am -  8:00pm
8:30am -  1:30pm
Königstraße 116
Minden, NW, 32427
Member Since
March 9th, 2017

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