CHAI Cannabis Co - Seaside

4.7 stars by 299 reviews
dispensary Seaside, Californiamedical & recreational
(831) 583-8300
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4.7 stars


some of the best product around.. The flower is super dank, carts are amazing also.. although I wish you guys carried left coast cartridges! A+ Service :)

my favorite place!

This store is always well stocked and well managed. The security guard today was very friendly and he made me smile! Rachael was absolutely incredible. She was very efficient and made an effort to help me sort out some paperwork. My only complaint was Tanya was a bit rude, both in snide remarks and in not looking me while she was helping the cashier (I couldn't see his name tag) who was helping me. There was no acknowledgment that I was even standing there after she was done chastising me. Overall, this place remains my favorite dispensary to frequent. I've never had another negative encounter with any employee here before and will continue to recommend it to friends.

End of an Era: Still good so far

While im sad HigherLevel is going the way of SugarLeaf, it does not seem like Chai has decided to completely screw over the local established customers. Same daily deals. From what I understand, the lack of after tax pricing online is due to constant issues with Weed Maps, and its honestly not a big deal. Being a "stoner" is a bad excuse for refusing to do the same basic tax math in your head that we do for every other product. As long as you guys keep your daily deals, you'll keep a loyal customer.

why not add tax to the price on menu..

were stoners amd need to know the out the door price
CHAI Cannabis Co - Seaside
Thank you for expressing your concern cmwalker. If you were to add the products to your cart as if you were placing an online order it will give you the final sales price. We hope this clears up any issues you may have in the future and look forward to your next visit to Chai.
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need to get rid of tax

need to get rid of tax that is on the final sale people want a final price out the door

Best Dispensary in Town

Thanks Cici for the good service will be coming back soon . Hope you’re still working there .

Best shop on the peninsula

I’ve been coming since they opened and have had a great experience every single time. Very friendly and courteous staff, each one of them is fantastic.

I ❤ them

great team. best one so far I ❤ to go to most. close to home.. know my name and my order. best deals also 🤩🤩🤩


I'm cool with the transition. I liked this place as Higher Level, but I also like Chai Santa Cruz. I still see the same faces and products as before.

Names Shmames!

Higher Level was a better name not gunna lie. Chai is, meh. I would have payed a couple extra bux for the name too. What ever I will still come here for what I’m looking for. No biggie. A couple changes. For me though, if I have to wait in a line on a Sunday I don’t want to be forced to watch Sunday night footballs on every tv that use to remind me of the deals. I mean can’t I watch Mikey Tyson smoking a fatty toad blunt, live? I mean common! Something else... There is how many spots to get your fix in this town? Is everyone too scared to drive a couple streets over to another spot? Is this the only place with a line to wait in? I think this business does better than most because the location is the furthest away from the Getto maybe? Idk. I choose to not have a favorite store. I just hope they all keep their weed maps updated always because it’s like a who’s got what menu for me. So if they got what I want I’m going there that day. It’s that simple.
dnalloH nosaM

new name, same deals

Despite the negative reviews about the name change to Chai from Higher Level, nothing has changed... People are trippin! Same Products. Same Deals. Same Prices (just doesnt show with tax anymore). Same Staff. Same Location Was hesitant based on the other recent reviews but was quickly proven wrong. Loyalty points still work, same daily deals, same out the door price as before. Aside from the dumb name, all is good! Still the best option in town!
CHAI Cannabis Co - Seaside
Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review, dnalloH nosaM! And thank you for sticking with us through our transition to CHAI. We are putting every effort into ensuring that the process is as seamless as possible and we look forward to any suggestions you may have as to how we can improve that process. Thanks again, and happy smoking!
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Bye bye, HLC.......

Down goes the best shop in the area with their great advice and deep discounts. The first thing CHAI did when they took over was to make all prices before tax not after for almost 20% rise in prices. They did the same thing to the shop in Watsonville. Too bad.
CHAI Cannabis Co - Seaside
Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review, Shadow77! Contrary to popular belief, nothing about our pricing has changed with our recent switch to CHAI. Prices listed in-store are still your "out-the-door" price, just as they are at our Castroville location. We can appreciate your frustration with having to get used to the new ownership, but we are confident that, given a chance, we can still provide you with the best dispensary experience on the Central Coast. We hope that this has cleared up any issue and we look forward to your next visit!
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Best prices in town

Hands down better deals all around. Staff can be hit or miss. I can sacrifice that for a great deal and good quality.


first “medmen” up the street, and now chai. hm. at least we still have mbam :/ at least include taxes on the menu smfh


what happend to higher level of care. That was my go too on the weekends. would drive out from gilroy just to go to higher level and enjoy the views afterwards. Now it seems wackass chai has taken over and of course taxes arent included. Taxing even more on the same products what bs. BRING HIGHER LEVER BACK!
CHAI Cannabis Co - Seaside
All of our pricing has stayed the same as before, the only difference is you now see what you paid in taxes at the bottom of the receipt for example your normally $35.50 1/8 out the door is now base priced at $30.80 before tax making it $35.50 out the door
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Great Staff

We've been going to Higher Level for about a year now. I struggle with PTSD and Bipolar Disorder. The staff here is very knowledgable, kind, and compassionate. Everyone is very helpful. And they stand behind their products. It's the only dispensary in the Monterey Bay Area that i like and trust! Enjoy your visit!


I went in to get flower 9:45 and they throw me out not helpful at all not worth the trip Wouldn’t suggest this place to anybody hard pass go somewhere else

🔥 Fire

I hate to write reviews but this establishment is 100% worth it. This is the only dispensary/shop i will enter in Seaside. Hands down, you will feel like you never left home, the staff doesn’t treat you like just another customer. They don’t make you feel pressured, overwhelm you with questions. From the moment you walk in to the second you walk out the door, you will be smiling ear to ear, and left with pure joy/bliss. Your welcome. 🙌

Friendly and helpful staff

No matter what time or day I come in everyone is very friendly. If I have any questions about something the staff is really helpful and knowledgeable. Prices are great on Sunday's so there's usually a line but it moves pretty quickly. This is my go to place.

Might be going to The Reef now

I have been a loyal Higher Level customer ever since I got my medical license. I have always found them to be extremely helpful and kind. I am very disappointed to say I don't see myself visiting again for a while. Today my friend and I went in and bought identical items. I was charged about 130 dollars and he was charged around 145 dollars. After realizing the price difference, we returned so we could sort out the differences. We patiently waited for 25 minutes and upon the employees return, I was told I had to pay the difference. After hearing this I told the employee I was no longer interested and would like a refund. I was very disappointed that even though the company made the mistake, I was the one being asked to fix it. I feel that they should have informed my friend and I that I was charged incorrectly and the price would not be same in the future.