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Wiesloch Dispensary - Hessel Apotheke

About Us

Hessel Apotheke is a Wiesloch Medical Marijuana Pharmacy


Hessel Apotheke - Wiesloch opened its doors in 1982 in newly founded Ärztehaus II. Seeing how times were changing the perspective the public had of medical marijuana, the owner Dr. Konrad Schnabel formed Hessel Apotheke - Wiesloch. The medical cannabis doctors of Hessel Apotheke - Wiesloch offer intensive and holistic consultations. Their medical marijuana pharmacy takes their customers goals and wishes seriously, and works with them to improve all areas of health. The staff of Hessel Apotheke - Wiesloch train regularly to stay up to date on the advancements in medical cannabis, and pass that knowledge onto their patients.


Hessel Apotheke - Wiesloch keeps their production close to their heart; their laboratory creates the prescriptions, homeopathy, essential oil mixtures and cosmetics they supply. Also, Hessel Apotheke - Wiesloch offers an abholautomaten so patients can easily pick up their prescriptions. All patients need is to tell Hessel Apotheke what they need, and they will receive an SMS when their prescription is ready.


Hessel Apotheke - Wiesloch understands that finding the right treatments can sometimes extend over a long period of time. This is especially true for people suffering from chronic diseases; so the marijuana doctors of Hessel Apotheke offer the support and perseverance needed for patients to recover. The Hessel Apotheke - Wiesloch staff is well trained in classical homeopathy and employs a method of mixing individual substances to form complex agents. In addition to medical cannabis, Hessel Apotheke is happy to launch their säuglingswiege for new parents.


Service Location:

Hessel Apotheke is happy to provide their medical marijuana services to their patients in Wiesloch. Customers in surrounding cities Dielheim, Rauenberg, Malsch, Walldorf, Nubloch, Sandhausen and Sankt Leon-Rot are close to Hessel Apotheke.


Location Information:

Wiesloch was formed during the Celtic period around 500 BC and was a prominent mining town, an industry that lasted in Wiesloch until the 20th century. Wiesloch is located in the northern Baden-Württemberg and is 13 kilometers south of Heidelberg. In the region surrounding the joint railway station offers Leimbach Park and Wiesloch Feldbahn and Industrial Museum.

8:00am -  7:00pm
8:00am -  7:00pm
8:00am -  7:00pm
8:00am -  7:00pm
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Hesselgasse 46
Wiesloch, BW, 69168
Member Since
March 9th, 2017

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