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Regensburg Dispensary - Forum-Apotheke

About Us


Forum-Apotheke is a Regensburg Medical Marijuana Pharmacy

Forum-Apotheke - Regensburg offers medical marijuana and doctors of many specialties including pharmacy,  physiotherapy practices, and hearing aid acousticians. Forum-Apotheke medical cannabis team accommodates patients in other languages including; Bavarian or English. Their team members are dedicated to bringing their medical expertise to the patients of Regensburg regarding medical marijuana as well as a variety of other health options. Forum-Apotheke - Regensburg strongly encourages preventative medicine, solving the problem before it occurs. They aim to connect patients to the treatments that are tailored to their needs, employing methods of natural and modern medicine as well as medical cannabis flower and cannabis products.

Forum-Apotheke - Regensburg sees medical marijuana as one of many ways patients can improve their health or manage pain. Medical cannabis is a versatile health tool thanks to the many strains the flower comes in. The pharmacists of Forum-Apotheke - Regensburg are glad to educate their patients on how medical marijuana can benefit their health or relieve their ailments.

Forum-Apotheke - Regensburg is happy to bring natural and holistic medical options such as medical marijuana and cannabis products to their patients. Forum-Apotheke - Regensburg focus is on health care; their services cover a variety of areas such including heart and vessels, homeopathy, diabetes, allergy, ticks, drug management, sport’s health, diet, age management, environmental factors, and pollen calendars. Forum-Apotheke - Regensburg also provides emergency services to their patients.

Service Location:
The Forum-Apotheke is located on the south side of the main station in the new health forum Regensburg, parallel to the Regensburg Arcades. There is an Italian restaurant located on the ground floor of their building.

Location Information:
Regensburg rests at the confluence of the Danube, Naab, and Regen rivers in southeast Germany. The city is the fourth largest in Bavaria following Munich, Nuremberg, and Augsburg. The city is a political, economic and cultural hub of eastern Bavaria. The Dom is the staple example of German Gothic architecture, and took hundreds of years to complete; beginning construction in 1275 and finalized in 1634. The Dom holds one of Peter Vischer’s masterpieces and is connected to two older chapels by cloisters. The Stone Bridge is a historic landmark and served as a crossing for knights of the 2nd and 3rd crusades into the Holy Land. Major tourist destination Regensburg Sausage Kitchen is located adjacent to the Stone Bridge and is the oldest public restaurant in the world, finishing construction in 1146 AD.

8:00am -  7:00pm
8:00am -  7:00pm
8:00am -  6:30pm
8:00am -  7:00pm
8:00am -  6:30pm
Paracelsusstr. 2
Regensburg, BY, 93051
Member Since
March 9th, 2017

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Bud Quality

Sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit

ich wurde am Telefon super beraten und fühle mich hier gut aufgehoben. die Mitarbeiterin kennt sich mit den Sorten u Liefersituation aus :) ich nehme gerne eine weitere Anfahrt in Kauf. ist ja leider nicht alltäglich dass man als Cannabis Patient auf wirklich kompetente stellen trifft.

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