Curbstone Exchange

4.7 stars by 72 reviews
dispensary Felton, CAmedical & recreational
Closed10:00am - 8:00pm
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4.7 stars

5 stars

Super awesome place. Everyone’s really nice, friendly, and helpful! Great selection of everything too!!

Great spot

Everyone there was super nice and helpful.

Exotic Strains ftw

Love this place and their awesome collection


Legitimately one of the best dispensaries I’ve been to hands down.

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Fire 🔥🔥🔥

I Always feel welcome here. The people are sweet, kind and caring of your needs. The staff is very knowledgeable of their products and give fantastic recommendations if you let them know what you’re looking for. They have daily specials and a great program that gives back to repeat customers with their Billy Card. I won’t lie, I go to almost all the clubs in Santa Cruz but the best is in Felton. Just saying... don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself. They won’t disappoint!

Everything is better with a cherry on top!

I have been coming to this place because of the warm smiles and open arms… But today I actually had to write a review. Above and beyond customer service! What an amazing shop! Definitely worth the drive and much better selections then I have seen in other shops. The foundation of this place so sweet walking into their energy, then add their selection is just the frosting on the cupcake… The cherry on top? the owner! AWESOME! I have a big mouth and I cannot wait to rave about the sincere genuine vibe of this shop!! Thank you so much Very blessed customer leaves with HUGE smilez!

Great Store!

I mainly go for the cartridges and the butter tubs, and those have been my staples for the last 5or so months. Every time I go in I'm greeted pleasantly, especially when George gets to visit. Love this store, it very quickly became my go to spot in Felton.

i recant my last comment

I visited the store 2 years ago and bought 2 ounces of flowers. and I was very happy with the great service. when I tasted the herb, it tasted soapy or linty. I wasn't too pleased. I chucked the ozs into a box and forgot about it for 2 years. then I moved and dug them out to taste them again and I loved them both. the flavor is the same but my taste registered it as something different the first time. now it tastes like good quality outdoors with eucalyptus earth. with a strong chronic flavor. I'm sorry I was quick to judge I was wrong your produce is wonderful I'm smoking it now and having a cup of coffee and listening to Missing 411

Curbside always provides good deals, they're locally owned, grow their own, and sell local farms. Customer service has always been outstanding, men are not creepy at all, wide delivery range, tax included, and no delivery fees. They take tips but you have to insist on it (you should!). 10/10 recommend.

Great customer service..

I love this place, they always have great customer service, they are very knowledgeable of the products they sell, I've never been disappointed going here, even went here with my dad and he loved it as well, and will be going back as much as possible..

Cool place but the weight was light

I decided to stop by the curbstone exchange because of the great recommendations. I bought an 1/8th of flower, the bud tenders and workers were very nice, and there selection was decent. When I buy flower I have a habit of weighing it every time. To my surprise the weight came out to 2.8gs. My friend also bought an 1/8th from here and his came out to 3.3g.
Curbstone Exchange
Santa Cruz
Can you please give us the name of the brand that you allege is incorrectly weighed? Considering that dispensaries do not process and package product themselves, we can't really get to the bottom of this issue without a name. For the record, we are not allowed to tamper with flower by removing it from its container in order to individually weigh each item, but we will take random samples, out-of-pocket from our inventory in order to gauge the product's accuracy and have yet to detect a discrepancy. Unless we know which brand of flower you're claiming is light we can't do a deeper investigation into this. Until then, we dispute this claim.
Official Response

Classic Strains!

I ordered for the first time recently and it was euphoric to taste the classic Sour Diesel strain that I haven't had in a long time. Ordering and delivery was easy and the staff was helpful in answering my questions. I highly recommend this delivery service.

Best Prices and Selection in the Valley

Won’t find better deals or products without going all the way into Santa Cruz, and even then this place would put up stiff competition. The staff are SUPER friendly as well and they take visa debit!

Price including tax in Santa Cruz???!!!!!🤔

I don't know why there isn't a line around the store, every SECOND they are open😏

Fire Fig - Poor edible

Got a great 1/8th but tried the kahna gummies to help sleep but didnt feel anything after eating almost the entire bag. Too much sugar maybe not enough THC not sure. Wouldn't purchase the Kahna again

They Treat You Like Family

Curbstone is by far my favorite dispensary. They have a great selection, the prices are unbeatable, and most importantly, they treat you like family. Other pot shops in town have struck me as a little too uppity, too sterile. But not Curbstone. They’re friendly, down to earth and want to help you find what what you need. And the prices are as marked, not like other spots that advertise prices that don’t include any taxes. if it says $25, that’s what you pay at checkout. It’s refreshing. I recommend this place very highly!

Best spot near Big Basin ☺️

I loved everything about this shop right when I walked in. Its very nice and has a ton of products to look at and choose from. My friend and I stopped by to pick up their Toast CBD cigarettes and the product was amazing along with the price! we will definitely be stopping by again before heading home. Also the staff is super sweet and amazing! I wish I lived closer !

Good prices AND free delivery!!!!

They have a huge selection of pretty much everything I could think of and the employees are extremely helpful. I had a lot of questions about products and they answered every single one. They even deliver for FREE!!! for bigger orders. They have a total mom and pop type vibe. New favorite spot.

Best Place Ever!!!!

Love every body in here, they have great knowledge and personalities that keep you coming back! Oh and of course, you can never go wrong on the selection of the weed, I love this place, great people, great deals, Great all around, thanks for being my #1 smoke shop!!

Higher Level has the same brands........

They're at LEAST 10% cheaper on everything, and they have THE most caring staff.🤩