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Frankfurt am Main Dispensary - Bock Apotheke

About Us

Bock Apotheke is a Frankfurt Medical Marijuana Pharmacy


The Bock Apotheke team is ecstatic to aid the cannabis community of Frankfurt by providing compassionate care to their clients. Bock Apotheke’s medical marijuana pharmacy offers a variety of services and is most focused on emphasizing homeopathy and nutrition. Bock Apotheke aims to inform and educate the medical marijuana community of Frankfurt. Bock Apotheke is dedicated to bringing the valuable and healing benefits of medical cannabis to Frankfurt, Germany. Bock Apotheke- Frankfurt also features cashless payments with an EC card.


Bock Apotheke is dedicated to helping as many Frankfurt patients as possible and are staffed with a team that can speak a variety of languages. The Bock Apotheke staff can service patients that speak Berber, English, French and Turkish. The nurses of Bock Apotheke - Frankfurt provide care for patients suffering from incontinence, in need of stoma care and for decubitus prophylaxis. They also offer skin care, tea mixtures, and recipes. Bock Apotheke - Frankfurt also provides care for families and babies, rentals of baby scales and electric milk pumps are available. Patients of Bock Apotheke - Frankfurt can also have blood tests, to analyze their cholesterol and overall glucose as well as liver values. Bock Apotheke is glad to bring the health and healing through their services as well as by utilizing medical marijuana.


Bock Apotheke - Frankfurt brings the best plant-based therapy has to offer with their phytotherapy, homeopathy and nutrition focused practice. Their goal is to provide access to holistic, alternative medicine. All natural wellness for anti-ageing therapy is also emphasized at Bock Apotheke - Frankfurt. They take a multidisciplinary approach to their anti-aging treatment, utilizing antioxidants and phyto-therapeutics.


Service Location:

Bock Apotheke is delighted to provide their medical cannabis services to patients in Frankfurt, Germany. Patients in Altstadt, Bahnhofsviertel, Bankenviertel, Bergen-Enkheim, Berkersheim, Bockenheim, Bonames, Bornheim, Dornbusch, Eckenheim, Eschersheim, Europaviertel, Fechenheim, Flughafen, Frankfurter Berg, Gallus (Frankfurt am Main), Ginnheim, Griesheim, Gutleutviertel, Harheim, Hausen, Heddernheim, Höchst, Innenstadt, Kalbach-Riedberg, Nied, Nieder-Erlenbach, Niederrad, Niederursel, Nordend, Oberrad, Ostend, Praunheim, Preungesheim, Riederwald, Rödelheim, Sachsenhausen, Schwanheim, Seckbach, Sindlingen, Sossenheim, Unterliederbach, Westend and Zeilsheim districts are close to Bock Apotheke.


Location Information:

Frankfurt is located in the heart of Germany and is a prominent financial hub, home to the European Central Bank. Famous writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is from Frankfurt, and his house now serves as a Museum dedicated to his work and life. Altstadt offers an annual Christmas Market in the Romerberg Square. Residents and visitors can check out Main Tower, and gaze upon panoramic views of Frankfurt from a 200-meter high building.

8:30am -  6:30pm
8:30am -  6:30pm
8:30am -  6:30pm
8:30am -  6:30pm
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Leipziger Str. 71
Frankfurt am Main, HE, 60487
Member Since
March 9th, 2017

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Bud Quality
Bock Apotheke

Offene und sachliche Beratung

Als ich mein erstes Cannabis Rezept bekam, hatte ich zunächst große Probleme, eine Apotheke zu finden, die mir die Arznei (Bedrocan/ Pedanius) geben kann. Die meisten Apotheken waren schlichtweg überfordert. Außerdem war zu dem Zeitpunkt das Produkt „ausverkauft“ Die Bock Apotheke war meine Rettung, sie betreuen schon seit langem Cannabis Patienten und hatten außerdem genügend verfügbar. Alles sehr unkompliziert, freundlich und kompetent. Weiter so 👍

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