Berkshire Roots (Medical)

4.3 stars by 16 reviews
dispensary Pittsfield, Massachusettsmedical
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4.3 stars

Why have a express line?

I think it’s a great idea to have an express line ,so you can call your order in and they text you back , and then you don’t have to wait in line outside or inside for that matter .... UNTIL You get behind the medical line now because that register is part of the express line . So now instead of in and out I’m waiting in line for 23miutes in THE EXPRESS line. I’ve got people who where outside in line already in there car and gone ... I-was Pissed! Then the staff was trying to make up some excuse. Point is EXPRESS means In and out quick service. All I ask is if your going to have an express line make sure it’s just express not the medical line where the Staff becomes there Dr. and Psychologist, and Counselor and Babysitter C’mon man I just want to get my reefer 👮🏼‍♂️

Awesome bud tenders

Yes I stopped in last week and to my surprise I was very happy with the service and the prices. Also they had Top shelf Bud ! I’m going back again I recommend highly. Big. AL N.Y. God Bless be Responsible and respectable always !

just alright

the interior aesthetic is clean and interesting, and the staff was friendly. I am not giving it more stars, because I was given the wrong product and they gave me incorrect information regarding their new patient sale. also, a staff member, who was in the bathroom ahead of me, quickly exited the bathroom and neither flushed, washed their hands or put the seat down. it was like I used the bathroom at a bar. I usually go to the dispensary in my hometown, and it was my first time here. I will go back because I have some sale points, and will remain optimistic for a better experience.

Great stop

Love this place great people and great products! .... for the most part that is unfortunately some of the waxes ive purchased are almost a year old and are not that great, then on the other hand i got some wax (still just wax not crumble or anything) and its pure gold terpiness, think they have to do an inventory sweep but other than that everything was great the crumbles, cakes and live resin all out of this world

My favorite dispensary

Love this place, very knowledgeable staff and great product selection.

Medical Marijuana

I suffer from arthritis. I was able to greatly reduce the amount of pain meds I was taking because of medical marijuana. There was never a problem with availability at Berkshire Roots. I went there yesterday and was told all the recreational marijuana had been approved by the government but not the medical and they only had a choice of three indicas! To top it off they were unable to make any sales yesterday due to "technical problems." So now I am out of Cuvee which I use to help me sleep, Chalice to help with the pain. However, if I to go to Berkshire Roots today I get to go to the front of the line, even though there is no inventory. Thanks for your loyalty Berkshire Roots!

Seed to sale...

I love that everything you buy from them, is made right there on the property. Its all their own products. High quality products. Each strain does exactly what the description says it will. Temescale seems to get their products from multiple sources... NOT a fan of that. It’s basically like home cooking vs fast food... I’ll take the home cooking any day !! Love Berkshire Roots. I don’t care how many shops open in town , I won’t go anywhere else. Patient for life!!

Truly amazing.

One of the best in state for medical. Product is strong and precise in effect. Staff is professional and knowledgeable, always willing to answer any questions given. One thing I do enjoy about the menu is that it lists the effects of each strain right below the strain name so you can find what you are searching for based on effect. I do wish that they would have more of a variety of strains, but I suspect that this will happen once they go rec. Highly recommended!

I'd just goto Temescal - 3 min away

to much BS - we went to Temescal instead- small line but gave us time to read the menu, clerk was very friendly

Simply the best!

Berkshire Roots staff is the best of the best. Their knowledge of each product is second to none and their passion for each and every patient is out of this world. They take the time to really listen to each individual and pair the best products for that person's needs. Their seed to sale operation is the best in Massachusetts! If you haven't been yet, what are you waiting for! Berkshire Roots is the place to be! Keep up the amazing job!

Outstanding edibles and VERY knowledgeable people

I've been a patient for a year and sampled chocolates, caramels and gummies from dispensaries throughout Mass. Have to say - the product at Berkshire Roots has the best texture, taste and consistency that I've tried. Their budtenders are notably the most knowledgeable I've come across as well.

Nice staff, knowledgeable, great selections

i have been visiting for over a month with my best friend. we find them friendly, helpful, with good advise, and lots of good deals with good selections.

Truly medical strains

I wanted to not like this place due to the way the original RN founders were removed but the strains they chose and the friendly and knowledgeable staff make this a great little dispensary. Full range of many options of flower, including cbd strains at reasonable prices. They frequently offer discounts as well. Great place.

Shatter is amazing

The sacari shatter is top notch. You gotta try it. Totally worth the drive. Staff was super helpful as well.

Helpful and friendly dispensary

Staff here is so warm and welcoming. Very nice product line and a senior discount (wisdom discount as I was told) 😉 place is comfortable too. The best vape pen and cartridges too and a bit less costly than the only other dispensary in Berkshire county.

Very professional 😊

I visited Berkshire Roots and was very impressed with the building security and friendly staff. I was able to purchase a variety of different strands and saved a bunch of money on my first purchase.👍😄✌