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In-store purchases only



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2 months ago
5 stars

Tan and Mallory

Went in this morning and these two were very welcoming and patient with me. I know they can’t open the jars and show me but they did their best to show me what the stuff looked like. Sometimes places are pushy and kind of cold but these two brightened my day a little bit. Thank you guys!
Ogre's farm
29 days ago
5 stars

Best selection in town

This is the Fire Store, best selection of concentrates from the best companies in Colorado. Best solventless Rosin selection in town and their flower is better than the Veritas and Bloom County wholesale which is gas already. Quick easy stop in and shop
1 month ago
5 stars

Thank you Reddit

I love flower and when my current dispo ran low on quality stock, I searched Reddit /CoEnts and they suggested ACA... so f’ n worth it : ) Gonna sign up next time I go... delish
3 months ago
5 stars

Literally A Cut Above!

Quality that stands out from all other dispensaries. The only place I would recommend being a member for life!
11 days ago
4 stars

High quality

They have some of the best strains in town. The prices are a little bit higher than the other stores but for the most part you get what you pay for. Only real complaints I have are like here recently I was looking at some strains that were $80 a half on the weedmaps menu but when I went into the store I was told they were $100 a half and then I did 5 grams bottom shelf a quarter mid and paid $100 for 12 grams. But again it's the best weed in town.
2 months ago
3 stars

No label on flower

I bought an Oz(4 different qtrs)today. Not one of the bags had a label or name. The guy behind the counter is usually pretty lazy anyway so I don’t expect much from him but he could at least write the name of the strain on the bag. The girl that was working with him even asked him why he didn’t label the bags for me and he just basically ignored her. It makes me feel like this guy just doesn’t care about himself or the people that he’s serving. Get your $H!T together. This place was my favorite for about 6 months. They still have decent flower but man are the employees careless and unable to show empathy. I WOULD SUGGEST GOING TO VITAL CANNABIS Cheaper flower and better experience.
24 days ago
1 star


I purchased an ounce today it was full of seeds. Will not be back. The bud was dry and dusty.
4 years ago
5 stars

Good bud bad vibes

Fire weed but I haven't been back in a while because I get bad vibes from the ladies working there I felt like I needed to grab my bud and GTFO
10 years ago
5 stars

Still the BEST quality in Colorado Springs!!!!

So I've been Weed Mapping my way around Colorado, for the past eight months, trying to find the best bud. I have found lots of super dank bud in Denver and some pretty decent stuff in Colorado Springs. And during nearly a year of being a patient at A Cut Above they have made lots of small improvements to the center but they have consistently delivered the BEST quality in Colorado Springs. They now have a sign at the mini mall entrance making it easier to find them (next to Louie's pizza and Fastenal). Their freshly resurfaced and painted parking lot also makes parking a whole lot easier now. They have a nice waiting area that with leather sofas, a flat screen t.v. (remote at your disposal)on the wall, water dispenser and fresh cookies and fruit daily. In the back they have a variety of clones, hash and the best organic and hydro flowers. Member prices makes getting dank bud easy even on those cash strapped days. And they always have great sales. The ladies that work there are extremely sweet, professional and knowledgeable of their products. So that is why they remain my favorite place to be a patient. You guys still top my list, keep up the good work! So here's my recap: Bud Quality: 5 they have the best Organic and Hydro. Lots of strains to choose from. Atmosphere : 5 they have lots of amenities available as you wait and the decor is nice Staff : 5 the ladies are super friendly and knowledgeable Parking : 5 resurfaced and painted and the mini mall has plenty of parking Price : 5 they have eighths running from $30-$50 and always awesome sales. Now comes the fun stuff.. Killer Queen Smell Test: When I opened the jar a nice skunky odor filled the room. As I smell longer, a woody aroma begins to come forward. Followed by a feint sweet smell which I’m having a hard time describing. This flower is truly unique. Sight Test: The buds are cured to perfection. With nearly all the sugar leaves removed these buds showcase all of their beautiful calyxes and buds perfectly. She is a light shade of green which is hard to make out because of all the trichomes. She has short reddish brown hairs. And at a closer look under the microscope I can see that all the trichomes are huge. Long and leaning over, they are all milky white with some amber heads spread throughout the forest of trichomes Pinch Test: When you pick up a nug and pinch down you can feel the perfect cure. It’s dry enough that the trichomes are falling off. Yet you feel her give in your fingers. She sponges back to her full shape fairly quickly, minus a few trichomes. And the stems give to about forty-five degrees before you can hear the snap. Taste Test: Upon inhale the smoke smoothly rolls over your tongue and you can immediately taste a skunky pine flavor. The exhale is clean with a slight taste of woody skunk. Delicious. Brain Test: I packed .25 grams in the Blue Dot and took a rip. I was able to fill my lungs completely and get a huge rip while only killing half the bowl. Second hit and I got it filled up about 75% of my lung capacity. I held it in so long I blew no smoke again. The smoke is smooth and clean and when you cash the bowl the ashes turn clean white. Its effects are felt immediately and it is very cerebral and energetic. Making this sativa great for anxiety, ADD/ADHD and mild pain relief.
2 years ago
5 stars

quality dispensary

they always have a nice selection of quality products. The flower smokes clean as do the extracts. They are always growing new strains and the bud tenders are knowledgeable.
6 years ago
5 stars

A cut above is fire

Two comments below me . U weren't impressed at all lol get the fuck out I bet u shop at livwell or some corporate ass place run buy a rich white guy who don't know shit bout weed go to a cut above right now and I guarantee u will be well medicated if u get mobb boss or Tahoe og or any of them yall just don't know what ur talking about clearly.
9 years ago
5 stars

Best weed in the springs

I just thought i would pop in and let everyone know that this is hands down some of the best product i have seen in the springs...The Bubbas are wicked and 150 dollar ounces of Columbian gold get me through the week. You know how you can go to a shop buy an 1/8th and never remember getting medicated ? Not here folks...i have never been disappointed by a sack from the A cut above girls...If you havent been in before you are missing out..
A Cut AboveColorado Springs
thanks for the kind review giddyup! much love!ashley
Official Response9 years ago
5 stars

One Of The Best

Its like a skittle factory every time.. She treats me right and sends me away knowing that ill return in a frantic wanting everything she's got!! Lol Wow some times the meds get the best of me but let me tell you what, I am in deep ♥ with this wonderful place.. A Cut Above 434-1665 -Ashley I have been to many dispensary's here in the Springs and I would have to say A Cut Above is MY TOP CHOICE, Every glass jar that I have EVER asked to see has always been something good and something that catches my eye.. Every time I come in I spend about $100 on meds, I always get one of there buds on sale and the bud on sale is just as good as everything else!! Anything I have asked about They have given the proper answers! NO MATTER WHAT this place is the shit!! Much Love
11 years ago
5 stars

A taste of home

This is the first review I'm writing, b/c I've finally found a dispensary worth writing about here in Colorado Springs. I first started smoking in 1994 when I lived in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Since moving back to the USA I have struggled to find MJ in the same quality I was accustomed to. Until a card holding friend recommended A Cut Above. After visiting a few times and trying several of their strains, I made them my caregiver (their generous discount makes the top shelf much more friendly on the wallet). I've had a hard time finding hydro in this town and A Cut Above delivers. Their hash is killer and the edibles I've tried had effects lasting around 2 hours. The ladies are as friendly as they are beautiful and they have yet to give me a false description of the effects of each strain. The outside is a little intimidating and location is kind of hard to find if you aren't familiar with the area (call they'll give you directions). Once you come in everything is clean and nice the waiting are has a nice feel. The only thing that I can say is that the prices could be a little kinder but then again the quality is worth it. All in all a great place to be a patient and the only place that I've found that has MJ that reminds me of Amsterdam. I love this place and have several pics of their beautiful buds in my photos, check out my profile. Als het geen hydro is rook ik het niet...
6 months ago
5 stars

good people

I went in without a problem and was able to get some amazing flower and great solventless hash. prices are about what you'd expect. pretty par for the course. everyone I met there was so nice and helpful.
10 months ago
5 stars

Best Bud in Town

Great quality!!! I love this place
1 year ago
5 stars

Top Products & Bud

I can’t say it more but I always get quality product from A cut above. Never once have I felt upset about what I had purchased . They really take pride in their bud and they are fairly priced. I would recommend them to anyone who is a smoking connoisseur and anyone looking for quality product that isn’t trash. A lot of these medical dispensaries in the springs can’t even Amount to ACA.
5 stars

Awesome Experience

Amazing first visit! Thank you so much Shay & Lily you ladies are amazing! I'll definitely be back often!
1 year ago
5 stars

One of the only places I shop anymore

first off, just wanted to say thank you to Shey, she is all around one of the best bud tenders. all of the ladies there are awesome but I just wanted to make sure to shout her out. super knowledgeable about all the products. Always asks preferences, and recommends great hash to me without being biased. ACA is the best spot for concentrates in the springs in my opinion. And their flower is top notch. please keep doing what your doing and i will be a loyal customer! thanks x)
2 years ago
5 stars

The best med shop in Colorado Springs, no question

There’s a myriad of reasons why A Cut Above is true to its name but here’s a couple that stand out to me. First, the product. As a member, I’ve had tons of truly heady strains from the members only section but I often love looking at the top shelf, which anyone can shop even if they’re not a member. Some of my favorites: Headbanger, Crescendo, Citral Glue, Temple Kush, White Tahoe Cookies, various Chems, too many OGs to name, the list goes on. It’s ALL some of the best weed I’ve ever smoked. They don’t grow BS. It’s all the real deal. Ash burns white, taste is on point and it’s often fresh and sticky - traits that we Coloradans rarely find in our weed. Their grower(s) deserves a special shoutout for consistently setting the standard on good weed. Secondly, the people. Shey, Lily and the whole crew are always giving the proper recommendations for whatever I’m looking for. They’re super knowledge about their products and they’re also good people too. Thanks ACA! -Customer for life